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Kylie Jenner with cheetah outfit

Kylie Jenner Takes Epic Winter Photos With Mother Kris & Sister Kendall On Instagram!

Instagram @Kylie Jenner
By Jacob Highley

Kylie Jenner is practically the inspiration for modern internet modeling culture. At 23-years-old the social media influencer and businesswoman has not only exceeded expectations as the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family but for a time she was also considered the wealthiest of her sisters too!

Although estimates from Forbes now estimate that her sister Kim has a slightly higher net worth (due to the pandemic dropping sales internationally and because of a deal that Kim made to sell part of her company) there remains no question that this fabulous lady is still living the American dream.

Snow Day

mountains covered in snow
Instagram @Kylie Jenner

In fitting fashion for the celebrity family, it would appear that Kylie has been enjoying a resort getaway with snowy mountains on every side. Her sister Kendall, her mother Kris, and her daughter Stormy have all been seen in photos that she has recently released to the public. Some of the shots are tagged to reveal who is behind the snowboarding helmets, while others are semi-fashion statements with Kris striking a fabulous pose with Kylie!


Kylie Jenner with Stormy
Instagram @Kylie Jenner

And speaking of Kris, the lovely mother and TV personality shared that watching Kylie work has been "remarkable," and the growth of Kylie Cosmetics continues to impress:

““Kylie does all of the creative stuff—she’s the CEO, CMO, CCO,” Kris shared in an interview. “She’s been so amazing, the way she has grown this company. I’m like the COO. I help keep everything running behind the scenes. But she had this vision when she was 15, and it’s been remarkable to watch it come to life, to step back and see it evolve.”


Kylie Jenner with Kris
Instagram @Kylie Jenner

Kylie commented during that interview (which was hosted by HarpersBazaar) that she is fully intent on expanding despite the damper of the global pandemic that spanned most of 2020.

“I think it was just time,” Kylie said in regard to the Coty deal. “I mean, we have a great team. But it’s me and my mom kind of leading the pack, which will still be the case. Nothing’s going to change. But hopefully we can expand and get a big infrastructure behind Kylie Cosmetics, and go worldwide and get more amazing people on the team to expand the business.”

The Comments

Kylie Jenner with Stormy
Instagram @Kylie Jenner

Here are just a few of the numerous comments that Kylie received on her snowy posts on Instagram:

“lil snow bunny 🐰 😍” (Commentator) “Cute ladies” (HaileyBieber) “Ok I’m impressed” (AddisonRaee) “wow imagine going skiing and not realizing Kendall and Kylie are shredding right next to you” (Commentator) “Did not expect yall to be good tbh” (Commentator) “It’s funny cuz y’all actually rip” (Commentator) “we need to recreate this look on the slopes” (Commentator) 

So far, the most common comments left by fans include those that are amazed by their skill snowboarding!

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