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Kaley Cuoco in red

Kaley Cuoco Addresses 'Hickey' During Late-Night Pillow Talk

By Whitney Vasquez

Kaley Cuoco is stopping rumors before they start while in bed during a late-night pillow talk session with fans. The 35-year-old "Flight Attendant" star spoke out about a noticeable mark under her collarbone that left her followers wondering if she got a hickey from her husband Karl Cook ahead of New Year's Eve.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the former "Big Bang" actress addressed the elephant in the room and found humor in the situation that turned out to be not so x-rated.

Fans Couldn't Look Away!

Kaley holding coffee

Slipping into her bed while wearing her adorable pajamas, Kaley Cuoco was almost too excited to sleep over her latest gift to herself. The star is a huge coffee and milk frother connoisseur so imagine her surprise when her younger sister, Briana Cuoco, one-upped her in the caffeine game.

Speaking to her followers, Kaley Cuoco said her little sis had the insight on the perfect milk frother that gets "extra hot and frothy." Despite going into detail about her excitement over the product, all fans could focus on was what appeared to be a hickey on her chest. Scroll to see the shot!

Addressing The Mark:

Kaley and her husband

Laying in bed for the late-night pillow talk session, the HBO star showed her natural beauty while wearing zero makeup. "Ok, so you all know I'm the coffee/milk connoisseur," she began her conversation to fans. "I have so many milk frothers, like so many but my sister introduced me to a new one." Revealing Briana "swears by it," Kaley Cuoco divulged that she ordered it and couldn't wait to get to sleep so she could test it out in the AM.

While excitedly talking about her latest purchase, Kaley Cuoco revealed how she got that eyebrow-raising mark.

What's It From?

Kaley in bed

Drawing a line over the video aimed at the purple-colored mark, the "Big Bang" star told her followers it's "not a hickey." Despite everyone's assumption that Karl Cook got a little too excited during an intimate moment, Kaley Cuoco blamed the "hickey"-like mark on cupping. "It's from cupping everyone calm down," she wrote over the video.

While Kaley Cuoco may not have gotten a headstart on 2021 in the bedroom, she did in the kitchen. As promised, the star woke up and gave her review on the new milk frother, calling it "epic!"

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