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Addison Rae's flawless dress during the Billboard Awards

Truth or Dare; Let’s Share Addison Rae's Number

Instagram/ Addison Rae
By Jeanne Murugami

When making a new video, YouTuber and e-gaming FaZe Clan’s Jarvis ‘Khattri’ Kaye accidentally leaked TikTok star Addison Rae’s phone number.  

Never one to stay off the spotlight for too long, the controversial Jarvis had just been banned from Fortnite, a massively multiplayer role-playing online game or MMORPG, for allegedly cheating. 

The Dare Game 

Jarvis Kay celebrates 18th birthday in style
Instagram/ Jarvis Kaye

17-year-old Jarvis Kaye is a member of the eSports gaming team FaZe Clan, and he's the owner of a YouTube channel with over 4.7 million subscribers.

Typical of his YouTube videos, Jarvis pushes boundaries for the sake of viral content, and such was his idea to message fellow social media celebrities asking for a dare. Addison Rae was the fifth person on his list, and a screenshot of their earlier conversation was posed a few minutes into the vlog. 

Addison’s personal information flashed through the screen, and it was too late as her phone number was in the original edit. 

Well, Truth: Fans Didn’t Like It! 

Addison Rae proves front camera could still make you look good
Instagram/ Addison Rae

It didn’t take long for Jarvis to come under fire for his badly scripted video containing Addison’s phone number. While the TikTok star was being flooded with calls and messages, her boyfriend and fellow social media influencer Bryce Hall made certain that Jarvis would not play down his irresponsible actions.

Other notable Addison fans like TikToker Griffin Johnson used the now and again trending Pokémon cards to take it home to Jarvis, depicting him in a meme crying for ages over his permanent ban on Fortnite. 

Penalty to The Players 

TikTok sweethearts Addison Rae and boyfriend Bryce Hall
Instagram/ Addison Rae

The telltale card also included gaming stats and abilities, such as the 200 points in a category known as ‘aimbot.’ These numbers meant that Jarvis aimed each of his shots, a rookie move for a leading eSports team member. 

Bryce Hall also went ahead and leaked Jarvis's number as retaliation, which didn't sit well with some of his fans. Since YouTube doesn’t take lightly to leaked personal information, Bryce’s channel suffered a community standards violation strike. 

Addison's Not Playing Along

Sporty looks good on Addison Rae
Instagram/ Addison Rae

TikTok star Addison Rae has not commented on the leakage of her phone number as of yet. Apparently, it's not the first time her number has gotten to the public. She once shared her number when she was with a group of friends, the HypeHouse, of which the D'Amelio sisters are part of.

All the while, the beef between her boyfriend Bryce Hall and Jarvis Kaye continues to simmer, with none letting the other have the final word.

The leakage brought on issues of cyberbullying, YouTube channel strikes, Twitter emojis, and on-liners, such as where Jarvis wrote that 'both of us are cheaters then,’ a post he has since removed. 

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