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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Shares Hilarious Video Of Herself All Messed Up On Medication, Wisdom Teeth Aftermath

By Jeff Mazzeo

Ever wondered what Billie Eilish is like when she is high as giraffe balls?! Well, here is your chance!

The "Therefore I Am" singer shared some silly videos of herself when she was on another planet on Tuesday. Eilish was playing the popular Instagram game where fans request certain pictures. She made her millions of fans laugh by posting the whacked-out aftermath video of her on the way home from getting her wisdom teeth pulled out.

Scroll down to check out the craziness!

I'm The High Guy... Duh!


The singer kindly fulfilled one fan's request for the very specific memory.

"Don't open your mouth when it has gauze in it," Billie's mother told her from off-camera. "You don't want it to fall out!"

"I'm not gonna choke on it," Eilish replies before realizing that her family is capturing the entire scene.

Her brother, Finneas seemed to be enjoying the whacked-out Billie and laughed from the back seat.

"Of course it's bloody," he said through his fit of laughter. "Your mouth is bleeding. We're gonna spit out your gauze when we get home!"

Documenting The Whole Ordeal

Billie Eilish

Eilish actually got her wisdom teeth pulled back in 2019 (you can tell by her hairstyle). The full video features the singer acting like the "Bad Guy" as her poor mother tries to walk her to the front door of her house. Classic Billie!

"I love it 😂😂," one follower commented while another said, "this video is so cute tho."

We don't envy anyone who has to pick someone up after they had their wisdom teeth pulled out but at least Billie is highly entertaining.

Green Hair Secret

Billie Eilish with green hair.

Billie also revealed that her hair has suffered tremendous damage due to all the coloring during the fun Instagram picture game. She shared a video of her pointing out the damaged short hair on the top of her head and stated that's why people thought she was going for a mullet look.

"These pieces were just all the hair that got burnt off that had grown back," she wrote via her Instagram story. "While everyone thought I got a mullet."

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