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Courtney Stodden smiles in a bikini

Courtney Stodden Sips Starbucks In Skimpy Undies To Celebrate Curves

By Rebecca Cukier

Courtney Stodden grabbed her iced Starbucks while in her underwear to celebrate body positivity last night. The 25-year-old model, singer, and reality star is done with stereotypes and pressures, with an Instagram post celebrating femininity and free mindsets. Courtney, in the news for her grotesque Christmas burn injury following riding a motorcycle in shorts, was back to looking her best, even slipping into leopard-print undies to deliver her empowering message. Of course, a little coffee doesn't go amiss. Check it out below.

Too Fat/Too Thin


Scroll for the photo, one that showed the "Bully" singer in selfie mode, catching a rear mirror view, and flaunting her gorgeous curves and toned thighs in a cheeky, animal-print undies set with a thong finish. The home-set snap also showed the former teen bride holding her phone with her left hand, leaving the right one free to sip an iced Frappuccino from Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks.

"Babe, don't let anyone tell you you're too fat, too thin, too 'anything,'" Stodden's caption began.

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Courtney Stodden in a sexy nurse look

Courtney, who has been embracing her body in 2020 as her divorce from "The Green Mile" actor Doug Hutchison is finalized, added:

"I stayed STICK THIN for years due to society and what’s considered beautiful, I found my balance later on in life. As a teen who was criticized for my looks, I’m proud I don’t give a fluff what anyone says anymore except what my heart says 💕🙋🏼‍♀️ #feminism #bodyimage #positivevibes."

And yes, Courtney did confirm her Starbucks order. See it and the photo below!

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Courtney Stodden undies selfie

The ponytail snap now sees fans throwing Courtney love and support, and, it would seem, bringing in some curiosity over what the star orders at the Bux.

"Queen. What's your Starbucks order?" one fan asked.

"Espresso Frappuccino double blended babes," Courtney replied with a kiss-face emoji.

Headlines have not been easy-going for Courtney of late, with a brave and painful-looking reveal made over the holidays. Warning, the below includes a graphic burn video, one that Stodden posted as she suffered the downside of riding motorcycles in skimpy clothing.

Burn Injury

Courtney Stodden in a bed selfie

Five days ago, Courtney uploaded a video of her red, raw, and weeping burned skin.

"2020 has been absolute trash!" she began, adding: "So of course, me getting a second degree burn for Christmas is the cherry on top. Don’t ever go on the back of a motorcycle wearing shorts. I burned my leg on the muffler after I was told to get off quickly and I got off on the RIGHT SIDE. Now I can’t walk."

Courtney has since joked she's bound to her bed, but the undies action continues. See more photos after the video.

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