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Draya Michele is hot in black

Draya Michele 'Breaks The Internet' With Racy Lingerie In Black

Instagram | Draya Michele
By Rima Pundir

Draya Michele just turned up the heat on Instagram, and most fans cannot seem to take the conflagration she is in nothing but a set of racy, lacy black lingerie. 

The 35-year-old actress, designer and reality TV star has posted plenty of other racy images in the past and half of her Instagram popularity does stem from that sexy body and curves, but this time, she seems to have taken the cake.

Clearly, she's ending 2020 with a ton of style and heat. Scroll down for the hot pictures...  

The Time She Went Au Naturel

Draya Michele stuns in a bikini
Instagram | Draya Michele

While it's only natural for any influencer, like Draya Michele to wear makeup and post only those pictures on social media that have them looking their best, sometimes, they do digress. 

For instance, recently, to celebrate Mint Swimwear's 10-year anniversary Draya put up the sexiest pictures of her in a bikini and chose to show her body, face, and skin in all its "faults", stretch-marks included. 

Reasons enough for fans to say that her "tiger stripes" were amazing and that 10 years had made no difference to her at all...

Here's more of those hot pictures. 

That Savage Time

Draya Michele in Savage X Fenty
Instagram | Draya Michele

For a rather brief time, Draya was also a Savage X Fenty model, something that got culled pretty quickly when Draya put one of her pretty feet in her mouth and ended up making of Megan Thee Stallion getting shot in the foot by rapper Tory Lanez. 

Rihanna, who herself has been an abuse victim and survivor took a jaundiced view of the whole thing and Draya was dropped off the Savage X Fenty campaign like a hot potato. 

Tough times, but Draya seems to have made it to the other end.

And Then, Black Fire!

Draya Michele in black lingerie is fire
Instagram | Draya Michele

So here's Draya, saying it as it is, "Sicker than your average", wearing tons of sass and the most beautiful black lingerie set ever. 

Enough for a fan to write, "Draya why you tryna break the internet at midnight? 🙄".

For others, she is "Bruh 🖤🖤 the most beautiful thing in the world".

Of course, when gorgeous girls like Draya put up pictures like these, they do get plenty of offers and innuendoes as well, something they take in their stride by not bothering to reply to most of the comments. 

Here's the rest of the uber-hot pictures. 

Some Fineness Indeed

Draya in Fine Ass Clothing
Instagram | Draya Michele

And then there is this. Draya Michele is dressed up as a Fine A** girl, in partnership with the brand. 

As fans put it, even if others wear it, it's not going to be as fine as Draya, "Yeah she bad af, but she ain’t bad as Draya🤦🏾‍♂️".

Another said it equally right, "Those were made for you 👑 😏"

So clothes or no clothes, Draya is one fine pretty thing indeed and fans are there for her for every Instagram post. 

Like this one too!

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