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OnlyFans Star Tayy LaVie Gives Away Cash to Shoppers After Scoring $15K for Boob Butter

Tayy LaVie / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Tayy LaVie, one of the top adult content creators on OnlyFans, found a clever way to pay it forward after racking up a ton of cash when a butter-warming joke quickly went viral and turned into a $15,000 payday for the star.

It all started when 26-year-old Tayy shared a photo with her 1.7 million followers on Instagram as she prepared holiday dinner with her mother in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The meal prep quickly turned R-rated after the OnlyFans star showed off a fun way to soften the butter while cooking.

Buttered Up

Stick of butter in between cleavage
Courtesy of Tayy LaVie

After wedging an entire stick of butter into her impressive cleavage, Tayy LaVie declared to her followers, "This is how u soften the butter."

The joke was a one-off, but Tayy says things took a different turn when fans began sending her DM's asking to purchase the stick of butter.

"I assumed everyone was kidding but I thought even so it could make for some funny conversations, I love connecting with my fans so it’s always a blast," Tayy was quoted saying in a press release.

Giving Back

Woman handing cash to shopper
Courtesy of Tayy LaVie

Tayy LaVie quickly realized the butter auction was not a joke, and after receiving a bid for $15,000 she was shocked when the mystery butter buyer paid up.

"The next day to my surprise I see +15,000.00 in my account & a DM with an address for the butters’ new home," Tayy says.

After getting such a big amount of money just before Christmas, Tayy headed to her local shopping mall and handed out cash to shoppers. Most of the patrons did not believe it at first until Tayy convinced them that the money was being given with no strings attached!

The whole thing was filmed and Tayy plans on releasing the video on her upcoming YouTube channel.

You butter believe it!

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