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Courtney Stodden close up

Courtney Stodden Strips Down While Unable To Walk After Burns

By Rebecca Cukier

Courtney Stodden is "representing" from her bed after graphic burns over Christmas left the 25-year-old unable to "walk," per her words. The singer, model, and former teen bride made headlines just days ago for revealing riding a motorcycle in shorts had left her covered in grotesque burns – the graphic video was shared to the "Bully" singer's Instagram on Christmas Day. Stodden is now more limited in what she can do, but the sexy action hasn't stopped. Check it out below.

Second-Degree Burns

Courtney Stodden close up

Scroll for the latest photo and video, although we will warn you, it is graphic. The blonde bombshell's Sunday night update was a low-key one. It showed the beauty and ex to "The Green Mile" actor Dough Hutchison flaunting her killer curves from her bed, seen in selfie mode and toying with her blonde ponytail.

The shot, skimpy, featured Courtney seducing her followers in only a lacy black pair of briefs, plus a cropped Seahawks tee as she pouted and tagged herself in Beverly Hills, California.

Scroll For The Burns Video

Courtney Stodden in a bed selfie

Courtney, injecting a little humor, wrote: "Representing from the bed since I can’t walk right now anyway 🙋🏼‍♀️ #seahawks #hometown #gohawks."

Meanwhile, Xmas brought a close-up video of a giant, painful-looking and weepy red skin patch as the reality star said that 2020 had been "absolute trash," adding:

"So of course, me getting a second degree burn for Christmas is the cherry on top. Don’t ever go on the back of a motorcycle wearing shorts. I burned my leg on the muffler after I was told to get off quickly and I got off on the RIGHT SIDE. Now I can’t walk."

'Literally In A Wheelchair'

Courtney Stodden on a motorcycle

Proving that she likely had a worse Xmas than you, Courtney concluded: "Literally in a wheelchair because it’s too painful to stand. Stay safe out there! This could happen to you... 😢 I’m so upset. #accident #motorcycle #christmas."

While Stodden was told: "Well girl...duh...never wear shorts on a bike," she wasn't shaded too much. In particular, early replies to last night's post saw the star backed as fans said "Hope you feel better soon."

See more photos after the burns video below.

Teen Bride's Divorce Finalized

Courtney Stodden in a bikini on the beach

2020 has been a busy year for Stodden, kicking off with early months seeing her divorce from ex Doug finalized. Courtney was just 16 when she married a then 51-year-old Doug, having since slammed the actor, dubbed him a "pedo," and said she felt "groomed" during the marriage. A tell-all book is expected by fans.

Then came Courtney's dealings with "90210" actor and ex to Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, with the two's hot tub session going viral, although it's largely clarified now that there wasn't a romance going on.

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