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Cardi B has settled a two-year legal battle with her ex-manager.

Cardi B Settles Two-Year Lawsuit With Ex-Manager

Cardi B- Instagram
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Cardi B has risen to being one of the biggest stars in the world as she achieved star status in 2017 with the release of her breakout hit single, "Bodak Yellow." 

In 2018, her ex-manager, who goes by Klenord "Shaft" Raphael, filed a lawsuit for $10. This was due to his claims of discovering her along with her pushing him to the side once she achieved her fame. 

This came after "Bodak Yellow" really started to take off and became one of the hottest records in the US. He also believes that he helped Cardi succeed with "Love And Hip Hop: New York."

Cardi B Went On To Counter Sue With $15 Million Lawsuit

Cardi ended up countersuing Shaft due to a bad contract.
Cardi B- Instagram

Cardi ended up counter suing Shaft for $15 million due to a contract she signed at the time not being the best for her. There was reportedly a 20% % commission and then 50% of her Sony deal going to Shaft. 

Cardi also added that Shaft wanted to regular other aspects of her career such as who is the right people that she should date. She went on to marry Migos rapper, Offset, as the two nearly divorced this fall but soon reconciled. 

Cardi Has Now Settled Lawsuit With Ex-Manager After Two-Year Battle

Cardi's legal battle with Shaft is finally over.
Cardi B- Instagram

This weekend, Cardi was finally able to settle the lawsuit with Shaft. Court documents obtained by stated that this case was dismissed with prejudice, which means that Cardi and Shaft cannot refile about this case again. 

As part of this settlement, the two also resolved to pay for their respective attorney costs. Cardi ended up speaking on the settlement on Twitter on Sunday as she said "Feels good to be free." Fans of hers soon rejoiced with her in celebration.

Fans Wait For Cardi's Long-Awaited Sophomore Album In 2021

Cardi enjoying a sunny day pool side.
Cardi B- Instagram

Cardi has been experiencing massive success wit her "WAP" single featuring Megan Thee Stallion this fall as fans also ponder on when she will put her second album. 

As of now, there is no official release date or timetable. Cardi did recently come out on Twitter though saying that she may fly some fans out in February though to listen to the album. A year ago, she also thought about naming it "Tiger Woods" but there is no official title as of now either.

Cardi Didn't Submit 'WAP' For Grammy Consideration

Cardi B is holding off on sending 'WAP' to the GRAMMYs.
Cardi B- Instagram

WAP has arguably been the biggest record in hip-hop of 2020 but surprisingly, Cardi did not submit it to be nominated for next month's GRAMMYs. This is due to her wanting to put  out her sophomore album first. 

Many believe that if WAP was included in the 2021 GRAMMYs, it would win in several categories. When the album finally comes out and does the big numbers that it's expected to, WAP should definitely be part of the GRAMMYS in 2022.

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