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Kourtney Kardashian Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With New Bikini Pictures!

By Mike Walters

Kourtney Kardashian just dropped a new set of smoking hot bikini photos, but all anyone can talk about is how they believe she may be pregnant with baby #4!

The 'Keeping With The Kardashians' star stunned her millions of followers today after dropping new photos that appear to be of the family on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In the sexy snaps, Kourtney is sporting a tiny pink bikini and is hanging by the pool with her kids.

For some reason, a flood of Instagram comments related to the possibility that Kourtney may be pregnant with another child -- sparked a huge debate amongst her fans. You Be The Judge!

Take A Look!

Kourtney Kardashian Preggo With Baby#4?!


"Little Cabo daydream," Kardashian captioned the stunning pictures.

As you can see, Kourtney is absolutely shredded and is rocking a rock-hard bikini body -- But, fans went nuts in her IG commenting, "Does anyone else see a baby bump or am I crazy?" and "Wait so she’s preggo????????"

Another simply added, "Babie 4 😍."

Several other fans just admitted they 'hoped' it was another baby in Kourtney's belly and that they didn't fully believe she was pregnant at this time. Also, it appears this photo is a throwback to a previous vacation after several pointed out her son's hair is a different length than it is currently!

So, What The Real Deal?!

You Be The Judge!


"You’re pregnant. Right?" one fan straight up asked. But, as you can imagine, Kourtney doesn't have time to be answering questions on her IG.

So, we are guessing this is an old picture, and Kourt is not expecting a new child. Plus, we did some digging and it appears she may have been enjoying a cocktail in the Kardashian Christmas Eve party photos. Case Closed!

As for Kourtney's love life, the reality star made huge headlines this week after sharing an article from her lifestyle website, Poosh, about being 'autosexual.'

Read The Details...Below!

Throwback Photos?


The 41-year-old published the piece this week, which begins with the question, "Are you autosexual?" Adding, "The short answer is yes, most likely. In fact, we all are, at least a little."

The article goes on to describe the term, autosexual, as "a trait wherein one is turned on by engaging in their own eroticism." It continues, “A prime example of this is simply women in general,” adding, “While it may not be true for everyone, we generally feel more sexual and turned on when we feel we ourselves are sexy. But it’s not just about the ladies.”

The article describes these autosexual behaviors as things like wearing lingerie and doing your hair and make-up. It also says, “It could mean washing yourself lovingly in the bath and genuinely enjoying your body.”

Check Out The Kardashian Party Photos!

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