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Megan Thee Stallion TROLLS Mastro's Steakhouse For Their Burnt Salmon

By Mike Walters

Megan Thee Stallion just pulled a Nicki Minaj after complaining publically about the horrible take-out food she was just forced to endure!

The 'WAP' rapper hammered Mastro's steakhouse for a brutally overcooked piece of salmon, that she not only was upset about -- but decided to share a video and photos of exactly what the burnt piece of seafood looked like in the container!

Of course, in the video, the to-go bag is clearly visible in the background -- so there was no hiding from exactly who cooked and served this hard piece of fish!

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'WAP' Rapper Blasts Steakhouse For Burnt Salmon!


"I ain't ate all day," Megan captioned the hilarious video.

In the clip, MTS describes how she asked her manager to pick her up something to eat, and this is what he brought back! She reveals the chop is supposed to be salmon, but as you can see this thing is burnt to a crisp!

It should be noted, Mastro's is one of the best steakhouses in the country, and most of the time they get it PERFECTLY right -- but, Megan wasn't going to let them slide on this one!

The best part: As she picks up the filet, it breaks off right in her hand!

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Watch The Hilarious Video!


Megan dropped the trolling video on her Instagram stories, so she didn't allow for her millions of followers to drop comments on the post -- but we are guessing it would have been something like Nicki Minaj's fans!

As we reported this isn't the first rap star who has had major issues with to-go food this week after Nicki Minaj BLASTED 'Red Lobster' for forgetting to include her tartar sauce in an order.

Nicki went nuclear on the seafood chain and actually tweeted about the issue, saying, "Idk who needs to hear this but Dear Red Lobster, when I order fried shrimp 🍤 I PROMISE U, I want TARTER SAUCE. Not cocktail sauce. At least put both."

Adding, "Sincerely, Mother of a newborn w/no nanny. Also, Wendy’s: Pls stop forgetting my ranch sauce with my chkn nuggets." Damn!

Check Out The Brutal Salmon Video!

Nicki Minaj Hammers Red Lobster For Her Own Take-Out Issues!


After hearing the complaint loud and clear, Red Lobster responded to Nicki saying, "We have you covered! We have lots of awesome sauces -- cocktail, tartar, remoulade, pina colada... just let us know next time 😃."

But, it was too late. The famous 'Barbz' (Minaj's fans) flooded the seafood chain's social media hammering the company for not taking care of their Queen!

"Ayye, How the f--k you gone keep forgetting the queen tartar sauce???" one person tweeted. Another added, "Give Nicki her tartar sauce, do not play with her!"

We are guessing Mastro's has received the message and are sending over a mind-blowing steak dinner and a butter cake (if you know, you know) in 3...2...1!

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