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Whitney Cummings Reveals Bloody Mess After Busting Nose On Xmas

Whitney Cummings / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Comedian Whitney Cummings did not ask Santa for a trip to the emergency room on Christmas – but that's exactly what she got after walking face-first into a wall during a self-admitted sleeping pill daze. The creator of "2 Broke Girls" took to Instagram this weekend, the day after Christmas, to reveal why she had been unusually silent the day before after multiple posts throughout the month celebrating the joys of the holiday season. It turns out Cummings spent the day in the hospital and didn't hold back on the gory details.

Bloody Christmas

Woman with broken nose
Whitney Cummings / Instagram

The comedian, known for her stand-up and roast specials, is usually hilarious, but there wasn't too much to laugh about when Whitney Cummings revealed the aftermath of walking into a wall on Christmas morning. Taking to social media the star explained:

"I feel like I nailed my Rudolf the Red nosed rain deer impression this year? For all of you who are worried because I have not poster stories in 24 hours, it’s because I was spending Christmas getting my nose stitched up like a moron," Cummings captioned her series of photos.

Medical Attention

Photo of woman's nose being operated on
Whitney Cummings / Instagram

While also showing video of her nose getting stitched back up, the star wrote:

"Walls are such assholes sometimes - they just stand there when you’re trying to walk to the kitchen in the dark - so rude."

Cummings shared various videos on her Instagram Stories of herself before heading to the hospital, and as the comedian bled through a paper towel it was clear she needed medical attention.

The revelation of her injury sparked lots of well-wishes from fans, as well as some worry over how the incident happened in the first place.

All Stitched Up

Woman with blue hair and bandage on nose
Whitney Cummings / Instagram

After her surgery, and a shower, Whitney Cummings shared her stitched up face with everyone as she donned a band-aid across the bridge of her nose.

"Omg whitney!!! Still beautiful though with the gore and all," Instagram model Amanda Cerny wrote in Cummings' comments.

Others were extremely worried about the comedian's trip to the hospital, which eventually led to Cummings addressing the fans with a bit more explanation:

"You guys I’m totally OK!!!! Just not great at sleeping pills!," she wrote.

Get well soon, Whitney!

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