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Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook smiling with a dog, outdoors

Kaley Cuoco Puts Husband In The Doghouse For Christmas

By Rebecca Cukier

"Hahaha love it" – Kaley Cuoco is getting reactions after putting billionaire husband Karl Cook "in the doghouse" for Christmas. The 35-year-old "Big Bang Theory" alum updated her Instagram on Boxing Day with a series of very dog-centric snaps, also including the man she married in 2018. Kaley, who celebrated husband Karl turning 30 on Christmas Day, was back to showing off her sense of humor, stunning $12 million Hidden Hills home, and the fact that she'll be a pet lover for life. Check it out below.

Meet The Husband

Kaley Cuoco and husband with a rabbit

Scroll for Kaley's latest photos. Karl, an equestrian and marrying Kaley on the Pomponio Ranch he owns, is also an adoptive parent to the sitcom star's many pets. Dogs are the most-prominent on Kaley's IG, where the account highlights the lives of dogs including Norman, Ruby, Blueberry, and "foster fail" chihuahua Dumptruck Dumpy.

Kaley's Saturday photos showed Karl sprawled out on a couch and accompanied by multiple four-legged friends, all seemingly protected from the furniture's fabrics by tie-dye throws. A swanky kitchen with suspended lamps was also visible.

In The Doghouse!

Karl Cook on couch with dogs

Keep scrolling for more photos. "@mrtankcook in the dog house," Kaley wrote, adding paw emoji.

The top reply is zero'ing in on Karl's black foot soles. "His feet! 😂. I walk around the yard barefoot and Ry makes fun of my feet always looking like this."

"This is like a "how many dogs can you find in the picture" game 😂😂," another fan wrote.

Kaley was also told: "I love how Karl has to lay on a blanket too." Scroll for Karl giving Kaley MAJOR wood!

Giving Kaley Birthday Wood


While Kaley gushed over Karl's 30th just two days ago, it was the reverse on November 30 as Kaley turned 35. "The Flight Attendant" actress seemed to have been waited on hand and foot, and she literally got major wood from her hubby in the form of a beautiful, giant, and custom-made carving.

Kaley updated from her front drive and in a bathrobe, thanking Karl for the: "Custom (YES he made it ) mounting block made from salvaged wood, for our ranch, embedded with my horses actual shoes."

His Birthday's On Christmas!

Karl Cook drinking

Fans were treated to a very childlike snap on Xmas Day as Karl appeared on his wife's IG and in a bib pointing out his 30 years. The cocktail-drinking pic came with plenty of love from NBC star Kaley, who wrote:

"Happy happy happy birthday to this sexy 30 year old!! You stand out from the crowds and are as authentic as it gets . I’m so glad you’re finally 30. Lol I love you so much darling!! 🥃 cheers to you! @mrtankcook."

Scroll for, um, Kaley's Tostitos bed binge getting broadcast all over Instagram by Karl.

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