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Woman in Santa hat and black lipstick

'KFC Heiress' Kaila Methven Reveals Lingerie Line With Finger-Licking Holiday Pics

Courtesy Madame Methven
By Gary Trock

The self-proclaimed "KFC Heiress" is serving up some extra spicy photos for Christmas while announcing an upcoming signature line of lingerie. Fashion designer and socialite Kaila Methven, aka Madame Methven, donned a Santa hat and lacy unmentionables while showing off her upcoming line, EDM. According to a release from Methven:

"[The] EDM line is a daring, adventurous, and exciting disruption from what loyal clients have been used to."

Along with the lingerie, there will be a couture collection of party wear for both men and women.

Winter Wonderland

Woman in Santa themed lingerie
Courtesy Madame Methven

According to an official release:

"The launching of Madame Methven’s EDM line makes Kaila the first-ever fashion designer to infuse couture to festivals and making exciting collaborations with D.J.s."

Methven's company adds, "The popular designer is expected to make an appearance at Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Burning Man, among others, to showcase her latest creations. Kaila is nothing but ecstatic to reveal her new creations, and she is looking forward to seeing how festival-goers and party enthusiasts will receive her vision of a revolutionized way of enjoying social events with fashion."

Looking To 2021

Woman in lingerie seductively posing
Courtesy Madame Methven

In another shot, Madame Methven is seen giving the camera "the finger" and described the inspiration behind her pose:

"Flipping the Bird on 2020 ! See you in ‘21, Bitches.”

She's also hoping the new year will bring a resurgence to the musical and festival crowds, telling Fox News:

"I’m hopeful Coachella, Tomorrowland, Burning Man and many others can bounce back because everyone needs this industry to provide opportunities to generate income not only for their businesses but for their employees as well."

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