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A black and white themed photo showing Aaron Rodgers on the field in his vest and head-warmer.

Aaron Rodgers Makes An Honest Assessment Of 'Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes

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On Saturday night, American football quarterback named Aaron Rodgers made history in the National Football League (NFL). 

During the Saturday night game, the “Green Bay Packers” scored a defeat against the “Carolina Panthers,” topping them at 24-16.

In the game, Rodgers made history as he now has forty touchdowns more than any other player in NFL history. The quarterback reached the historic mark early in the game when he tackled Robert Tonyan in a one-yard score, and the touchdown was the only one for Rodgers' night.

Setting New Records

Aaron Rodgers looks stylish in this gray jacket on a black plain shirt and denim pant, with a gray color head-warmer to match and a luggage.
Instagram / Aaron Rodgers

The football player addressed the historical moment after the game and said that even if he didn't break the record, someone else was bound to do it sooner than later.

Rodgers jokingly referred to “Kansas City Chiefs” quarterback Patrick Mahomes and stated that it was good he still got to claim the historic feat while Mahomes was still young as he believed that the footballer would soon bump up the number.

Rodgers may not be wrong in his assertions, as Mahomes had 50 touchdown passes in 2018. The footballer is projected to hit the 40-plus touchdown mark this season and already has 33 touchdowns on the year.

The People's Choice

Aaron Rodgers dazzles in this denim design shirt, a head-warmer and backpack, with a headset on his head.
Instagram / Aaron Rodgers

According to NFL, Rodgers came fifth in the Pro Bowl fan led only by “Kansas City Chiefs” quarterback Patrick Mahomes, “Seattle Seahawks” quarterback Russell Wilson, “Tennessee Titans,” running back Derrick Henry and “Chiefs” Travis Kelce.

During a fan vote, Rodgers had 309,311 votes. In 15 weeks, the quarterback led the NFL in 40-plus touchdown victories.

Despite his success, Wilson had the highest votes among the NFC quarterback. The fan voting made up one-third of the Pro Bowl process and ended on Dec. 17. Coaches and players will do the other parts of the voting. 

A Better Game

A photo showing NFL player, Baker Mayfield with an emotionless expression on his face during a downpour on the field.
Instagram / Baker Mayfield

On Monday night, “Cleveland Browns” quarterback, footballer Baker Mayfield, made history in the game against the “Baltimore Ravens.”

The game marked the longest in-game pass in the league. The throw was an incomplete pass, sailing over 70 yards but did not result in a touchdown.

Unlike everyone who was in awe of the play, Rodgers told “Good Morning Football” Kay Adams in a Friday interview that he once not only did it but did it better than Mayfield. He shared that he threw a 70 flat-footed in 2011 at Detroit.

Family Feuds

A photo showing Aaron Rodgers after highlighting from a plane, in a casual outfit, holding his go-bag and a headset.
Instagram / Aaron Rodgers

According to reports, Rodgers is currently on non-speaking terms with members of his family. 

The family's feud was made public after his brother, Jordan made a guest appearance on a season of the Bravo series “The Bachelorette.” More details have been disclosed since then.

Reportedly, the NFL player has not spoken to any member of his family since 2014, and his father, Ed, confirmed the reports in an interview with New York Times.

The 34-year-old NFL player was reported to have avoided his grandfather's funeral rites and dropped out of groomsman duties of a friend via a text. 

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