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Selena Gomez Ready To Move On From Justin And Hailey Bieber’s Love Drama

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Singer-songwriter Selena Gomez prefers to keep her private life out of the news and rarely pays attention to her romantic history with Justin Bieber, let alone address Bieber’s relationship with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

Seemingly, Gomez’s confidante disclosed how the singer feels about the love triangle the media always pitting her and the Biebers courtesy of their fandoms.

The source disclosed to “Entertainment Tonight” that the trio of Gomez, Justin, and Hailey are sick of the old narrative of ‘pitching Gomez and Hailey against each other.’

Fans Fanning Flames

Selena Gomez poses in a yellow outfit with her furry friend, by a scarcely decorated Christmas tree.
Instagram / Selena Gomez

The source shared that the Biebers and the “Wolves” singer would like to move on and put out negativity in their lives.

In 2019, Gomez released a new single entitled “Lose You To Love Me.”

In the song, she talked about heartbreak and suggested that the song is about her split with the Canadian-born singer and his abrupt marriage to Hailey.

After the song’s release, there were speculations that Hailey had thrown a shade at Gomez via her Instagram story when she shared a song titled “I want to kill you.” 

Selena Gomez Asks Fans To Be Kind

This photo prooves Selena Gomez not only ages backward, but looks more beautiful by the second.
Instagram / Selena Gomez

Determined to not give credit to any rumor, both Hailey and Gomez immediately clamped down the rumors, encouraging their followers to end the vitriol.

In an Instagram post, Hailey advised Gomez fans to “stop the nonsense” after they came for her with accusations. As reported by “Elle Magazine,” the “Rare” singer also weighed in and encouraged her fans and followers always to choose kindness.

She clarified that she does not support women tearing other women down as she only wanted to make music that makes herself and her fans proud.

Going Through Changes

During an interview with “Apple Music’s” Zane Lowe, Bieber shared an intimate peek into his relationship life with his wife Hailey Bieber and his history with Gomez.

According to the “Changes” singer, his wife Hailey helped with his personal growth. He admitted that the journey was arduous as he recognized that he had to work through the issues from his past relationship with Gomez before he married Hailey.

He spoke about his relationship with Gomez and shared that he dealt with confusion and unforgiveness.  

Selena Gomez Shuns Hillsong Church

Selena Gomez takes an effortlessly beautiful selfie in her living room and it shows her in green Tees and slightly made-up face.
Instagram / Selena Gomez

A source close to Gomez recently told the “Australian Daily Telegraph” that the singer is no longer affiliated with Hillsong Church, where she and Bieber used to attend when they were a couple.

Gomez was reported to have quit the church following former Pastor Carl Lentz’s firing for moral misconduct earlier. Lentz was a celebrity pastor of the Megachurch and was one-time known as Bieber’s spiritual advisor.

The source continued that Gomez is disillusioned as she does not believe it was the way God wanted us to operate.

Moving on from past relationships is not always easy, and even made harder by fans constantly making speculations and circulating rumors. Selena Gomez is finally putting her feet down as she encouraged her fans to be kind.

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