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Draya Michele is popular on Instagram

Draya Michele Gives Fans Some Christmas Jollies With Drinking Dare

Instagram | Draya Michele
By Rima Pundir

Draya Michele's Christmas streak is going steady on Instagram and this time, she's back with a drink for her fans, playing a bit of a bartender. 

Initially, introduced to the public eye as Chris Brown's girl, 35-year-old Draya Michele later became a reality TV star and also had small roles in movies. Today, she's a successful businesswoman, having launched the Mint Swim line of swimwear, and also some jewelry collabs, and a mother of two kids.

She's an Instagram influencer, known to shoot off her mouth before thinking, and yet, fans cannot have enough of her... 

Draya Is A Bit Confused

Hot? Or Cold? Draya can't decide
Instagram | Draya Michele

One of Draya's recent posts had her wearing a turtleneck sweater with shorts and then donning a long denim coat over the ensemble, pairing the same with fire orange heels. 

Wrote Draya, "It was 80, and I was confused", and others commiserated with her, commenting, "I went out in a turtleneck today too, sweating like a mf".

But more than the turtleneck or the jacket, it's Draya's "white toes" that seem to be generating a ton of hoopla, with a fan finally writing "it was the comment on the second toe for me 😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂 I had to zoom in, y’all got too much time".

Here go more toes...

Losing Her Booty?

Draya is having booty problems
Instagram | Draya Michele

Here's Draya posing for her fans, apparently waiting for some exercise equipment, "My treadmill comes on Monday, so I’m doing what I want until then 😈".

Wrote one of her followers, "I feel like you lost just a smidgen of booty 🙃" and Draya responded, "that’s ok. I’m only one slice of pizza away from having the fatty back. Lol".

Another fan had a better offer for Draya, "You can run through my mind in the meantime!!! 🏃🏽‍♀️🦄💙".

But why run, when you can power walk, in heels?

Bottoms Up!

Want a drink with Draya Michele?
Instagram | Draya Michele

Now here's Draya, offering her fans a drink, and putting it out with a dare, "Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me or are you going to pour yourself one? @ciroc".

While this was an ad for Ciroc White Grape vodka, fans complained, "Not playing fair" while others felt "You are definitely a glorious mess🔥🔥".

Others commented loud and clear, "stare then pour" because Draya looked rather delectable in her choice of a little black dress, with some Christmas lights in the background. 

Here's another...

Draya Is Definitely the Boss

Draya Michele is the boss
Instagram | Draya Michele

And here's Draya, playing sexy Santa at the Mint Swim headquarters, with the caption, "*** the boss has entered the chat ***".

This kind of sass had other sassy comments coming through, like, "I’ve always been in love with you. And I’m a gay man."

Fans also want to know when her new TV series, "Doses with Draya" is hitting the screens, not that the boss deigned to respond, much.

For now, Draya loves her work and revels in calling her workplace safe. Here's more of that driven heat...

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