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Britney Spears Blames Father Jamie For Losing Partial Custody Of Sons

By Ryan Naumann

Britney Spears' beef with her father was intensified after she lost a percentage of custody after Jamie Spears got into it with her son Sean.

According to Us Weekly, the pop star blames her dad for having less time with her two kids, 14-year-old Jayden and 15-year-old Sean Preston.

Britney's ex-husband Kevin Federline has the majority of custody of their teenagers and has had for some time. A source close to Britney denies her father's claim they were on good terms in August.

Sean Preston & Jayden Federline


The source told Us Weekly, “For Jamie to say that he and Britney were on ‘good terms’ until August is outrageous. August 2019 maybe, but not August 2020.”

Back in September, Britney’s sons were granted a restraining order against their grandfather Jamie. Kevin Federline was the one who took out the restraining order after Jamie was accused of abusing his other son Sean Federline. Jamie denied all allegations, but Britney did lose a bit of custody for a period of time.

Britney On The Red Carpet


As The Blast previously reported, Britney is currently fighting to have her father removed as co-conservator of her conservatorship. She believes it would be best for a third party to manage her finances.

She accuses her father of making decisions about her career without consulting her whatsoever. Britney also believes he paid her ex-manager $300,000 and wants it to be paid back to her estate immediately.

Jamie has been refusing to step down despite his daughter's pleas. He says after he took control the estate has become profitable.

Britney & Her Sons


They added, “Jamie is the reason she has far less custodial time with her sons than she did before. The incident with Jamie and Preston changed everything. It was a major blow for Britney. She, Kevin, Preston, and Jayden have all seen Jamie differently ever since.”

Britney currently has visitation with her sons but they live with Kevin the majority of the time. The singer had been posting a ton with her kids before the incident with Jamie but they have not made any social media appearances lately.

Jamie Spears


Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, put in her two cents during a recent court hearing. Her lawyer told the judge the relationship between Jamie and Britney was "toxic". She said her daughter should not have to comply with Jamie's "unreasonable demands."

Lynne believes the best course of action would to remove Jamie and put another person in charge. A judge shut down Britney's first attempt to have her father axed but is allowing her to continue her fight at a future court hearing.

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