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Selma Blair

Selma Blair Gets Into Tallulah Willis' Pants In Daring Desert No Top Shot

By Jeff Mazzeo

Selma Blair took a walk in the desert on the wild side!

The beautiful actress ditched her shirt for an impromptu photo shoot on the side of the road on Sunday. Blair held a cane in the air as she pointed her toe in front of the Insta-famous wind turbines between Palm Springs and Los Angeles. She wasn't wearing a shirt but she did wear a chic pair of pants by Wyllis. The popular brand is owned by Bruce Willis' daughter, Tallulah, who appreciated the attention-grabbing shoutout!

Scroll down to see the revealing shot!

Seeing Stars

Selma Blair wearing Wyllis pants.

The barefooted beauty wished her millions of followers well and tried to make them laugh with her photo caption.

"Impromptu shoot off the highway. Palm Springs desert. New Wyllis pants. Why ruin a great outfit with a top? I wish I may. I wish I might, I wish upon this star tonight ⭐️ stay safe..." she wrote alongside the starred photo.

As we previously mentioned, Tallulah was stoked on the huge shoutout from Selma.

"my divine friend in my pants!!!! Seriously how babely is this human @selmablair," Willis captioned the same photo on her Insta feed.

Interestingly enough, Tallulah didn't use a star to censor anything. Make sure to check it out before the Instagram gods get angry.

Fan Feedback

Selma Blair in white undies.

Selma was in a modeling mood because she posed for another set of scantily-clad photos. However, she flipped the script and wore a top but no pants. She was modeling a pair of Poppy Undies and playfully tugged at the waistband with her cane #canesaresexy!

Her millions of fans loved her playful style and sound off about her beauty in the comments section of her post.

"Wild and wonderful 💥 💥💥," an enthused follower wrote, while another said, "That cane looks so cool in the sun😎."

MTV's GOAT: Legendary Lip Lock Award Winners

Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Geller.

Blair and Sarah Michelle Geller recreated their iconic kiss from the iconic 1999 movie, "Cruel Intentions" for the "MTV Movie & TV Awards Greatest of All Time" special earlier this month. The dynamic duo was awarded the GOAT: Legendary Lip Lock Award. They didn't actually lock lips, they kissed through a plexiglass divider but Selma did speak fondly of their on-screen kiss.

"Looking back 20 years ago... A kiss. Between two young actresses. On screen. In a mainstream teen movie. In 2000. It was a sweet and delicious kiss for my character, Cecile. And she wanted more. And I must say it was a really good kiss. What feels so delicious to me now is how it isn’t shocking in 2020. It stands for a shift in thinking. I am honored to be the GOAT kiss with my dear friend @sarahmgellar... who has been by my side through the excitement, the slow times, the changes, the kids, in sickness and in health."

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