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Selma Blair takes a selfie with grace

Selma Blair Advises Fans To 'Fake It' As Christmas Cheer

Instagram | Selma Blair
By Rima Pundir

Selma Blair has tons of Christmas cheer for her fans, and this time, she's not even gone topless in the desert to spread the cheer

Blair may be struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and find it a bitter pill to swallow at times, but she usually keeps her brave face on and in turn, manages to inspire many of her fans to do better in life. 

And when it comes to Christmas, Selma Blair has a clear-cut approach to life, "fake it, till you make it"... Here's more!

Selma Is A Hot Vision

Selma poses in just pants
Instagram | Selma Blair

Let's get the elephant out of the room first, Selma's recent and very hot desert shot that looks less nice and more naughty when it comes to Santa's list. 

What did Selma have to say about her unbelievably hot self? "Impromptu shoot off the highway. Palm Springs desert. New Wyllis pants. Why ruin a great outfit with a top? I wish I may. I wish I might, I wish upon this star tonight ⭐️ stay safe..."

 The "Wyllis pants" come from Tallulah Willis' new collection and honestly, that's quite a shoutout... As is this!


Fans Likened Selma To A Flower

Selma is a cheery face on Instagram
Instagram | Selma Blair

Fans are mostly blown away by Selma's beauty and wit, and the cheerful take she usually has on life. 

For instance, in this picture, Selma posed next to a Camellia flower and speaks about how this is the only bloom left in her garden, and how it makes perfect sense because of it being International Disability Day.

Wrote a fan, "Delicately beautiful with an incredible strength that lets it bloom through fire. It suits you well."

Another fan said, "Beautiful picture. Beautiful message. You are wonderful, lady 💗"

Selma Advises 'Fake It'

Selma Blair's blue Christmas spirit
Instagram | Selma Blair

Then came this picture, full of Christmas cheer with a bit of longing mixed in. Whilst Selma wrote it very poetically, the gist was simple: to get dressed, make the best of what health and life you have, and let the future take care of itself. 

She wrote, "Now let’s pretend I have XMAS parties to actually go to and that I would wear this dress, along with a great coat framing it. Let’s just say this is Happy last night of Hanukkah and all seasonal joy. Right here. ✨✨✨Fake it till you make it. And look good doing it. 💅🏼🌲✨🧐🤫"...

Here's Selma, ringing the bell...

Selma Blair's Fans Go Poetic

Selma's a garden sprite
Instagram | Selma Blair

The replies were no poetic and cheery as one fan wrote, "Let’s say I had the privilege of standing across from you at one of those lovely soirées. I would quietly say “Thank you for all you share and the beauty you have within that resonates to us on the outside. “ You truly are luminescent. ✨"

Not to be outdone and yet again giving a shining example of a quiet heart, Blair replied to this comment with, "and I would say thank you. And mean it 💛"!

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