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Brother and sister taking a selfie

Miley Cyrus' Brother Admits Sobriety Setback During Fan Q&A

Miley Cyrus / Instagram
By Gary Trock

The older brother of Miley Cyrus is showing off a different look after shedding his denim-clad rocker outfit for a sophisticated style on the set of his new music video. 31-year-old Trace Cyrus took to Instagram this week after being MIA on social media for the past several weeks. Trace had recently made the revelation of a big transformation in his life after sharing his journey for sobriety from an addiction to alcohol while also toning up his body into a bulked-up spectacle. However, Trace is also being real with fans and admitting that sometimes mistakes happen.

Looking Dapper AF

A man in a blue suit
Trace Cyrus / Instagram

Although many of Trace Cyrus' social media shots have to do with the star being shirtless and showing off his insanely tattooed body, the most recent shots show a new side of Trace as he dons a distinguished suit for a new musical project.

"Finally shot a new music video yesterday!" Trace excitedly wrote to his 750,000 followers while showing himself in a long blue jacket over what appears to be a collared shirt.

The look was starkly different than what the son of Billy Ray Cyrus usually serves up for public consumption.

Admitting His Faults

Closeup of man in leather jacket
Trace Cyrus / Instagram

Trace also apologized for not posting much on The Gram, but explained it's all for good reason as he's been working hard on his music.

"Sorry I haven’t been very active on social media recently but I have lots of new music finally about to drop."

He then fielded a bunch of questions from fans and was immediately asked about his sobriety.

"Looking healthy 👏🏻 still sober I hope," the fan asked on Instagram.

"I fell off on my sobriety. I made it about 60 days though. Time to get back on track again," Trace responded.

Working to Get Back On Track

Brother and sister posing for a picture
Trace Cyrus / Instagram

Fans praised Trace Cyrus for his honesty and made it clear they were going to support the star on his continued journey to sobriety.

Back in October, Trace made the revelation that he was 31 days clean and shared the physical and mental changes he had noticed.

"My energy has come back. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. My anxiety has been fading away. I feel stronger than I ever have before. The most important thing in my life is music & I’ve put that on hold to focus on this process of bettering myself."

Best of luck to Trace on his continued journey!

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