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Vanessa Hudgens loves being freaky

Vanessa Hudgens Is A 'Freak' For Fake Blood For Christmas

Instagram | Vanessa Hudgens
By Rima Pundir

Actress, singer and producer Vanessa Hudgens may be in Christmas cheer but her heart and soul still belong to Halloween. Apparently, she is a freak for fake blood and one of her latest IG posts proves it. 

Honestly, she's just a ghoul for Halloween that her fans are not surprised as she recently had a "Carrie moment" from the movie series, "Carrie" at MTV’s Goat Awards, and Hudgens jumped with joy. 

Here's more on that and what others things make Vanessa Hudgens tick...

Saucy? You Bet!

Vanessa Hudgens thinks of herself as Sriracha
Instagram | Vanessa Hudgens

If not blood, it's spicy sauce as Hudgens took to Instagram with a realization, "Realized I am siracha. Spicey but sweet", prompting a fan page to comment, "I’ve never wanted to be a bottle of Siracha so bad before".

Finally, a grammar Hitler took to comment, "Sriracha* Spicy*", indicating the spelling had all gone to hell. 

Fans loved the sweet and spicy vibe of the picture, many happily commenting on how perfect the connotation and the post was. 

Meanwhile, here's Hudgens having a birthday celebration...

Happy Birthday Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens in pretty pnk PJs
Instagram | Vanessa Hudgens

Post her birthday celebrations, Hudgens donned a cloudy pink set of PJs and pranced about in a set of pictures liked by many of her fans. '

Sarah Hyland seemed to have a mysterious comment for Hudgens, "Holy s**t they look even bigger than on FaceTime!!! 😍😍😍😍 I LOVE YOU 😘" and fans can only guess as to what she is referring to. 

Most of the other comments on her page were Happy Birthday wishes, and there was also a rather sweet one in there, "Omg! Looks like you are living it up as you should on your bday!!! Hope you have the best celebration! Luv u nerd, happy happy bday Nessa"!

Here's Hudgens channeling her inner Posh Spice!

Stoked By Blood

Vanessa Hudgens is a freak for fake blood
Instagram | Vanessa Hudgens

This slightly unnerving pic was all fun. In a video that Hudgens posted recently, she did a little dance in a blood-covered white dress, with a Christmas song playing in the background. 

This is what Vanessa Hudgens had to say, "Freak. 😂😈🎄 In creative talks for hosting MTV’s GOAT AWARDS they asked if I would be down for a Carrie moment. I was STOKED. I love fake blood. This was the aftermath. And I wasn’t lying when I said I was stoked. Lol"

Here's the video...

Gotta Love It All

Vanessa Hudgens loves all things scary
Instagram | Vanessa Hudgens

On her rather cool video, Chrissy Teigen piped, "Me the second third fourth fifth, and sixth of every month" prompting a slew of replies from fans and trolls alike. 

Wrote a fan, "Carrie but make it Christmas 😂" while another remarked, "Christmas but make it scary".

Of course, the trolls were there as well, "Something is wrong with this generation OMG..." One of Hudgens fans gently explained it all to her, "She was just hosting the MTV Movie Awards and recreated the "Carrie the strange" scene (which is not from this generation) 🙄".

Here's a Monroe-inspired Hudgens...

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