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'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Victim Of Brutal Credit Card Fraud

By Mike Walters

Reality star Matt Roloff claims he is the victim of a serious credit card scheme, that racked up thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges on his account!

The 'Little People, Big World' star took to Instagram and slammed the company for allowing the charges and not taking immediate action when he called them on the issue. Roloff, who owns a large farm in Oregon, explains how he has multiple credit card accounts, and it wasn't until a bookkeeper noticed the fraudulent charges that they attempted to stop the issue.

Unfortunately, the criminals had already gotten away with thousands of dollars.

Read The Shocking Details!

Read The Shocking Story!


"Bizarre experience. My bookkeeper alerts me to 4 fraudulent charges on one of my cc accounts ... all within the last 2 days... first a small$ purchase... a few hours later a bigger one ... bam.. another one.. finally a much bigger one... All adding up to almost $3,000," Roloff began.

He continued, "So I immediately contact the online merchant (we've chosen to remove it) to report the unauthorized charges. They don’t ask for any details ... like my name, the transaction numbers, last 4 digits, etc, etc. they just say “sorry... it’s our policy not to fix these problems." Huh?? Wait?? What? I’m like.. I've been buying a lot of Christmas gifts online.. what if this is some charge thru you that I did via a different company (apparently that happens)??"

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Matt Roloff BLASTS The Company On Social Media!


The reality star went on to question the company, trying to pinpoint the exact person using the credit card -- but, claims they were no help!

"Can you at least tell me what I might have bought with my own credit card number in the last 48 hours? “No! We don’t do that!” he wrote.

Adding, "Lol. Who wants to do business with a company that doesn’t want to address fraud charges caught before they even ship the product? No wonder things are more expensive then they need to be.. shame on (the company) for passing these 'inconvenient charge' off on to your customers so carelessly."

Roloff included a few hashtags like, "#countyourpenniestoo #thencountyourblessings #fightfraudwhencaughtintime #not."

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Fans Jump Into Help The Situation!


The good news, fans of the reality star responded on Instagram in numbers, hoping to help him through the process. One of the most common responses was to have him call his credit card company who is normally very helpful.

“It is SO common, go to your bank to cancel card & dispute transactions," one fan wrote. The reality star responded, “Yep. That’s exactly what I did.” The other reaction, many vowed not to buy from the company Roloff blasted in his story, in hopes they will change their policy.

Happy Holidays?!

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