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Blac Chyna Accused Of Peeping At New Boyfriend's Alleged Boyfriend's Instagram

By Ryan Naumann

Blac Chyna's 23-year-old boyfriend Lil Twin's boyfriend is throwing a fit on social media after seeing his man with the Instagram model.

Over the weekend, Chyna's new relationship got super messy quickly. It all started after she posted a photo of rapper Lil Twin on her profile captioned, "Mines." Chyna's loverboy commented on the post, "4L🔒💍" which means for life, and showed an engagement ring.

Lil Twin aka Hector Macho. He is a rapper who performs with his twin brother, Twin Twin.


One person who wasn't too happy about the situation was Lil Twin's alleged boyfriend who started posting alleged receipts to back up his story, which included screenshots of Chyna reportedly looking at his page.

The alleged boyfriend wrote on his IG story, "He played his MF self period. Don't MF play with my emotional ass. Now you can have that sis." He added, "our ni--as done chose up for them lightskin hoes but don't know we still paid ... poppin ...pretty."


He added, "If y'all honestly think this is what I wanted your crazy I feel horrible right now as I should. But I was mad cuz it wasn't real with her. He only did that shit for the money. I was not okay with that shit period."

The man then posted a bunch of screenshots of his Instagram page showing who viewed his stories. In the post, it appears Chyna did view his Instagram story. He captioned the post, "Dates don't lie, sis. Sep 25, 2020."


The man added, "She been watching me lol. Making sure I'm not posting our ni--a LMFAO. You SEEEEE MEEEEE" with a bunch of blown emojis.

Chyna decided to respond to the drama by deleting all photos of Lil Twin from her profile. She hasn't addressed the situation or publicly commented on the claims her man was dating another man while they were together.

The model decided to post a photo of herself showing off her flawless face and blue hair.


All this comes as Chyna continues to battle her baby daddy Rob Kardashian in court. She is suing her ex and the Kardashians. Chyna believes the family conspired together to have her reality show "Rob & Chyna" axed.

In the suit, she accuses the famous family of costing her millions in deals due to them spreading vicious lies about her. The family denies all allegations of wrongdoing and is trying to have the case thrown out.

Chyna recently scored a huge victory in the ongoing battle.

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