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Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray Makes It Jiggle With Apple Bottom Latex Wiggle

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray clocked herself over 2.3 million views in under 24 hours this weekend – what the 24-year-old gets for bouncing her insane behind in skin-tight latex shorts and broadcasting it all over TikTok. The fitness sensation, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, yesterday proved that the moniker still flies in 2020, with a video showing those 8.5 million followers that the body-ody-ody is hardcore stuff. Sommer, who doesn't take herself too seriously, though, kept it light. Check it out below.

Never Dull With Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray on a floor in a bikini

Scroll for the video. It comes as Sommer largely makes headlines for her Instagram updates, where a fanbase of 25.6 million has recently been getting everything from the model's hilarious bikini shower to promos for new wintry additions on Sommer Ray's Shop.

Sommer's video, indoors, from a kitchen, and low-key, showed the Colorado native in her element as she filmed herself bouncing her booty, leaning forward, and offering a full 360 in high-waisted, black latex shorts, leaving nothing to the imagination as she showed her money-maker.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Sommer Ray dancing in shorts

Sommer, also wearing a black grunge t-shirt rolled up into a crop top, held a small shoulder bag as she bopped around, with an eye-catching moment seeing the blonde highlight her famous rear as music played.

Sommer seemed ready to hit the town as the video also showed another female in the background, but the model ensured this showoff was all about her. And the comments are busy – if you aren't familiar, Sommer's TikTok followers are hell-bent on getting her to "do the WAP dance."

Makin' Money On The 'Gram

Sommer Ray takes a selfie outdoors

Click here for the TikTok – scroll for more photos. Sommer bucks the trend amid Instagram's swim and fitness faces. Largely opting out of influencing for other brands and only doing so on rare occasions, Ray instead runs her own show. And it's popular.

Three days ago, while promoting sherpa sweaters, Sommer wrote: "It’s comfy season 😝❄️ @shopsommerray fuzzy hoodies are the perfect christmas gift okerrr 😇 so fuzzzzzyyyy i’m gonna dieeeeee shop the link in my biooooo." Fans immediately replied saying they wanted the merch. More photos below.

Rubbing Shoulders With Celebs

Sommer Ray in a bikini selfie

Sommer is herself a celebrity by virtue of her heavyweight Instagram model status. 2020 has seen her briefly date rapper Machine Gun Kelly, although he wasn't too popular as a boyfriend with Sommer's fans, who were very glad she dumped the "RAP DEVIL" star on his 30th birthday.

Ray has also made headlines for hanging out with singer Jason Derulo, where his $112,000 dinner tab included crab dinner perks for Sommer.

Scroll for Sommer celebrating a larger chest size during "that time of the month."

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