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Dove Cameron by leaves

Dove Cameron's Shirtless Open Blazer Is A Class Act

By Rebecca Cukier

Dove Cameron shirtless and swathed by that open blazer clocked her over 200,000 likes in under 30 minutes today. The 24-year-old actress and singer can't seem to stop getting profiled, with her 2020 Zoom feature now followed by one with The Glass Magazine. The "Descendants" star, fresh from showcasing her stunning vocals on newly-released "We Belong" single, uploaded a batch of super-classy images to her Instagram today, with each seemingly more breath-taking than the last. Check out the impeccable snaps below.

Stuns Whatever She Wears

Dove Cameron in a green dress

Scroll for the photos. Dove was out to alert her 38.1 million followers to her upcoming feature with Glass, sharing everything from a headshot showing a netted hat look and the "cover," to a slouchy, navy-blue pantsuit proving that the shirtless finish isn't just for the likes of Khloe Kardashian.

Dove's snap, showing her seated with parted legs in an unprovocative manner as she rocked wet hair and her blazer open for a hint of cleavage, also came with the former Disney star's flawless facial features and her getting told: "Break the internet why don't you."

Keep Scrolling For The Snap!

Dove Cameron in a biker look

Also shared was a biker chic blazer look as Dove shot the camera a fierce gaze. The "Live & Maddie" alum, who simply shouted out The Glass Magazine in her captions, has not yet appeared on the magazine's website – chances are, she'll be discussing "We Belong," where lyrics see her talk about boyfriend Thomas Doherty and a music video brings her twirling in a pink fairytale dress while barefoot.

Dove hasn't just been posting photos over COVID. She's been talking about the "not always pretty" side of self-care. See more photos after the shot.

Admits Self-Care Isn't 'Pretty'


In September, Dove dialed in for a Zoom quarantine date with Byrdie, one that saw the blonde admit that her life isn't very Instagrammable.

"I would love to be one of those people that says 'I wake up every morning at 5 a.m. And then I stretch, and then I fill my belly with lemon water.' But I'm not. I wake up anywhere from 8 a.m. to noon. I'm really, really bad," she said, although BF Thomas does make her epic smoothies to kick off the day.

Music Is Like The Gym

Dove Cameron in a selfie with a blazer

Dove's feature, largely centering on beauty routines and seeing the star also talk about her famous snake tattoo, did briefly feature a mention of music. For Dove, it's a form of release.

"You know how people go to the gym because they're like, 'I need to get this stored energy out'? Music for me is like that," she told the magazine.

Dove's track "We Belong" now has a full music video, bringing sunrise scenes, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an ethereal, doll-like feel to the girl who really is a real-life one.

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