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Gymnast McKayla Maroney Slips Into Leotard for Secret Project

McKayla Maroney / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Gold medal gymnast McKayla Maroney hasn't competed in quite a while but nonetheless looks like she's ready to hit the vault like a pro after donning a patriotic leotard for an "exciting" new project. The 24-year-old Olympian took to Instagram on Thursday and teased an upcoming project that has the star looking every bit the part of a competitive gymnast. Getting back in the spotlight has been a long time coming for Maroney after she revamped her career and began heading in a new direction.

Back In Action

Woman taking selfie in gymnastics leotard
McKayla Maroney / Instagram

McKayla Maroney is a pretty private person, but was feeling her look on Thursday when she posted a photo of herself donning a skintight leotard and sitting in a director's chair.

"Working on something exciting," Maroney captioned the pic, which appears to have been taken on set.

The leotard Maroney was wearing wasn't just any old gymnast's outfit, as the red, white and blue definitely gave off Team USA vibes. However, it's unclear if her secret project is a scripted show or a reality-based.

Teaming Up?

Team USA gold medal Olympians

Maroney's new gig comes on the heels of another Team USA gold medal gymnast signing on to a new movie, Maroney's former teammate Nastia Liukin.

As we previously reported, Nastia Liukin just signed to a new film titled, "Little Olympians," which follows the documentary-style story of amateur twin gymnasts on their rise to stardom. The film is currently in the funding stage while trying to line up other big-name gymnasts for participation, and cameos. It's unclear if Maroney has also signed on to appear in "Little Olympian."

Moving Back Home

Woman taking selfie in animal-print blouse
McKayla Maroney / Instagram

Although McKayla Maroney's professional career is advancing to unfamiliar territories, the star is revisiting a familiar place in her personal life by moving back to her hometown after the death of her father.

"Hi guys. If you start noticing the new background it’s because I moved into a new place," Maroney wrote in a message on social media last month.

She added, "After my dad passed away, I wanted to be home for a bit for my little sister, mom, and brother."

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