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'Titanic:' Shocking Behind The Scenes Facts That Fans May Not Know

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By Favour Adegoke on January 4, 2022 at 3:30 AM EST

It's been eons since the production of the iconic "Titanic," and fans still think the three-hour romantic movie was one of the cinema's greatest movies.

From the special effects to the acting to the location, the movie "Titanic" has gone beyond what any other film can put together. It was also nominated for several awards and carted away most of them. The film also broke a record with 14 Oscar nominations. It also won 11 Academy Awards, making a tie with 'Ben Hur' for the most wins in Academy history.

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As one would imagine, a lot of work went into the movie's production. Filmmaker James Cameron spent hours researching and preparing for the film. He hired a lot of special effects to allow for make-believe, and with the result, fans can agree that it was astounding, and Cameron's attention to detail paid off.

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It's a wonder to see how many calamities the production survived, keeping Cameron's unique vision intact. Just as with the legendary ship, the movie was more prominent than anything that came before it, captained by an uncompromising director who pushed full steam ahead into some treacherous waters. 

However, the boat stayed afloat. This was regardless of what it had to navigate through before safely getting to the harbor at the port of cinematic history. Below are shocking behind-the-scenes that fans might have missed from the iconic "Titanic."

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Kate Winslet Peed In The Water

As expected from a movie that was one of the most famous sea calamities in history, many actors spent most of their time filming scenes in the water.

A vast water container was created to simulate a sinking ship, and the cast had to stay in the water to get some of the scenes done.

Per the Rolling Stone, the water was painfully cold. However, most actors preferred it that way, including Kate Winslet, who played the role of Kate. She mentioned that the water temperature taught her to understand the way people who went through the tragic incident felt.

Despite that, Winslet had to compromise to make the conditions favorable. 

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"Yes, I admit to sometimes peeing in that water," she said. "Because you wanted to get it right. You didn't want to have to get out and go to the bathroom, which would take half an hour with corsets and dresses and all that sort of thing. So, yeah, I peed. I mean, it's the same with a swimming pool — do you really think about what's in it?"

Winslet Got Pneumonia

From being teased about her weight to having her first scene as a nude one to peeing in the water tank, it'll appear that Winslet got the short end of the stick. 

As if this wasn't terrible enough, she got pneumonia from spending too much time in the cold water. However, she wasn't the only one; many minor casts got the disease– and some left and were unable to finish their roles in the movie.

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Winslet nearly dropped out of the movie herself, as she was too traumatized to return to filming the traumatic event. She, thankfully, was able to report back to work for the movie that was being worked on.

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The 'Ocean' Was About Three Feet Deep

When Cameron prepared for the movie, he realized that he couldn't merge in thousands of crew members extra. He also admitted that he couldn't take his cast to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean– not only were they capable of freezing to death, it was also unsafe and too deep. 

To strike a middle ground, 'Titanic" was shot in a pool that seemed like the Atlantic Ocean at night. He also made sure that the depth of the pool was about three feet.

Although some scenes were shot in a deeper pool, most scenes in the movie were shot in that three-deep feet "ocean."

The Total Expense Was More Than $1Million

As reported by Insider, the movie was an enormous project which accrued to more than a million dollars. 

This massive budget was spent on making precise replicas of the other ship. The actors were served genuine Beluga caviar to maintain an air of luxury in the scenes set in the first-class dining room. 

This extravagant food added up to $4,500 per pound. 

The cast also included 150 "core extras," who were all given character names and backstories, even though they didn't say anything in the movie and barely even appeared onscreen.

However, this obsessive attention to detail paid off in the end. Although the other executives of the movie fought with Cameron for doing too much, when they saw the lengths the film would reach, they realized it was worth it in the long run.

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