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Jeannie Mai Flaunts Fitness Curves During Comeback Journey

Jeannie Mai / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Jeannie Mai is opening up to fans about the physical toll her body endured after going under the knife for emergency surgery. The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant took to Instagram this weekend to share her fitness journey as he works to regain the lost muscle and flexibility she previously had during her recent run on "DWTS," before having to pull out of the competition due to a diagnosis with a potentially life-threatening disease.

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Back In the Gym

Woman in workout gear doing pulldowns
Jeannie Mai / Instagram

The co-host of "The Real" showcased herself on a pulldown machine while hitting the gym in a skintight fitness outfit and discussing the recent physical changes she went through.

"After 3 weeks of being sick and unable to eat, I lost 15 lbs of muscle that I previously worked so hard to build," Jeannie Mai captioned her pic.

She continued:

"Although I'm incredibly thankful to be back to 100% health, I gotta be honest..this pandemic and my setback left me feeling unmotivated and depressed."

Feeling Weak

Giphy | Dancing with the Stars

In contrast to the twirls and complex moves Jeannie Mai was pulling off on "Dancing with the Stars," just weeks ago, she explained that her physical endurance is nowhere near where it was.

"I feel weak and frail, something I've never experienced feeling. I can't even get myself to do a 20 min walk! So day by day, I've been working slowly to motivate myself to come back stronger and healthier than ever."

She has now vowed to kick things into gear and shared her plan with fans.

A New Chapter

Woman laying in pool chair
Jeannie Mai / Instagram

"Starting today I'm hitting an aggressive meal plan of grains and carbs and a basic heavy lifting plan to get back on track. It also helps to feel good about what I wear to the gym. Outfits with color, structure, and support help me to see results and show me the body parts I deserve to work out," Jannie Mai explained.

She added, "Stick close and I'll be sharing my fitness journey to the top cuz I want you to win at your health goals I need some company and support."

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