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Scout Willis, Demi Moore's Daughter Stuns In Brave Photos

Scout Willis / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Scout Willis, the daughter of famed actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, is speaking out about her insecurities over her physical appearance and taking the brave step to prove that she is comfortable in her own skin, regardless of what the haters may think. 29-year-old Scout took to Instagram this week and shared some gorgeous new photos along with a powerful message to her fans. It was a beautiful moment for Scout to celebrate herself and how far she's come since the days of being a teenager in the public eye.

'Too Afraid To Post'

Bruce Willis and his daughter
Scout Willis / Instagram

Although Scout has been trying to break into the family business and pursue a career in entertainment, like her sisters Rumer and Tallulah, she largely remains private about the personal aspects of her life.

"I often feel too afraid to post content like this, photos of myself with no greater purpose or significance (to my mind) a story runs that it’s too ego driven, too selfish, too something.. or else it’s that I am not pretty enough, not good enough, not _____ enough." Scout wrote on Instagram for her latest post.

Feeling Her Look

Woman in tube top and jeans looking away from camera
Scout Willis / Instagram

Revealing a photo of herself in a tube top and jeans, Scout was truly feeling her latest look while explaining why she is deciding to open up.

"I want to interact more for the pure joy of sharing and also of enjoying and feeling myself! I saw photos of myself from 2013 yesterday and I was like wow, look at that soft, sweet baby with INSANE skin that I took for granted, and judged so harshly."

She added, "[I] don’t want to look back in 15 years years and feel like I didn’t enjoy my body or celebrate myself for fear of being judged and my internal judgement."

Love From Fans

Woman with pink sunglasses
Scout Willis / Instagram

Scout Willis received a ton of love over her photo post, with thousands of likes and comments praising the young star for the body positivity.

"You are beautiful and publish the photos you want," one fan wrote.

"Beautiful just like your beautiful mama," a second person commented.

"Share with the world, beautiful girl! 💖👌 Interaction isn't egotistical. It's part of a healthy, human experience," a third fan proclaimed.

It was an overwhelmingly positive response for Scout over her post, which will no doubt make her feel more comfortable with sharing in the future.

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