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Noah Cyrus Apologizes For Racially Insensitive Statement On Instagram

By Mike Walters

Noah Cyrus is apologizing for making a racially insensitive remark on Instagram while trying to defend Harry Styles.

Miley Cyrus's sister went on the offensive after a feud was ignited between Harry Styles and uber-conservative commentator Candace Owens, over his recent Vogue spread, where he is wearing a woman's dress.

Owens posted a reaction to the picture, saying, "Women who objectify themselves by spreading their legs for the world are lauded as courageous. Men in ballgowns & little girl’s clothing are lauded as icons. Hollywood is no longer about diversity, it’s about perversity. I speak for people who do not worship perversity."

Noah appeared to take a shot at Owens but used a racially charged statement for which she is now apologizing...

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Noah Cyrus/Instagram

"He wears this dress better than any of u nappy ass heauxz," she wrote on top of a picture of Harry in the dress.

Obviously, the massive problem with her response is the racist undertones of the statement especially if it was directed at Owens, who is black. Candace blasted Cyrus for the racist remark, saying, "Any one of woke liberals care to explain to me how (Noah Cyrus) calling me a “nappy ass hoe” is not racist? I’m all ears. You guys love cancel culture. (Miley Cyrus) come get your sister!"

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Noah Cyrus Apologizes For The Statement, Says She Is 'Mortified'


Noah Cyrus acknowledged the statement was racist but claimed she didn't know the context of the phrase.

"I am mortified that I used a term without knowing the context and history, but I know now and I am horrified and truly sorry. I will never use it again. Thank you for educating me," Noah posted on IG.

Also, Harry responded to Candace's remarks by posting a new photo of himself in a powder blue suit eating a banana, using her own terms for the caption, "Bring back manly men."

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Noah Cyrus Removes The Racist Message From Instagram


As you can imagine, Owens took Harry's response in stride -- pointing out that she is now inspiring 'global conversation' over the issue.

"When people try to tell me I don’t have influence, and then (Harry Styles) dedicates an entire post to my tweet. I inspire global conversation. #BringBackManlyMen Shots fired," she wrote.

In the end, Candace is retweeting messages from many who disagree with her political stance but support her on the topic of being called a 'nappy-headed' anything. "I will probably never agree with you again but (Noah Cyrus) calling a black woman "nappy-headed hoe" is a racial slur. Not acceptable. Period (You might wanna google Don Imus)" one person tweeted.

Noah Cyrus has since removed the photo and statement from IG.

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