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Kate Beckinsale smiling and close up

Kate Beckinsale Parades In String Bikini With British Toilet Talk

Jen Lowery / MEGA
By Rebecca Cukier

This is totally worth a peek. Kate Beckinsale flaunting her jaw-dropping bikini body while sashaying down outdoor steps last night caused quite the hoopla on her Instagram, with the 47-year-old actress' video even coming complete with a little toilet talk. Kate, followed by 4.5 million and known for her sense of humor, had delivered both her age-defying looks and her razor-sharp wit, with the bombshell video seeing, well, talk of what happens when those pants turn brown. Check it out below.

Drops Jaws At 47


Scroll for the video. It comes as Kate leads the single life following her short-lived romance with 23-year-old musician Goody Grace.

The video, showing Kate in a rust-colored, strapless, and bandeau bikini with string bust ties, came with the "Underworld" actress flaunting long legs and ripped abs as she paraded down marbled and illuminated stairs, with a free-flowing white duster, shades, and platform heels adding tons of glam. Kate was walking the walk, but the caption talked the talk. In a way.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Kate Beckinsale in a home selfie

Kate's caption, mentioning the global pandemic and her mom, opened: "This is a good example of what my mother would call “walking as if one has bogged ones breeks.”

"And also of a short gay man silently falling into a cactus off camera. And also of exactly this time last year pre Covid . Buggering hell. Hang tough everyone. X," Beckinsale added.

841,000+ views overnight isn't bad when you're not a Kardashian, but the comments section didn't prove easy-going for the star.

Criticized Over Body Focus

Kate Beckinsale in a bath

Kate, who is known for Instagram drama and regularly clapping back, now sees a fan shading her video. In particular, the focus on the figure.

"I think you need to stop focusing so much on your image in your posts it's a little insecure for a woman of your age . . Looks and beauty aren't the bee all of everything.a mature mind with interesting thoughts are," the fan wrote, adding that they were "sure" there's more to Kate than "a bikini strut."

She Fires Right Back

Kate Beckinsale sitting on a bed

Kate has not ignored the comment. The star who regularly fired back over her now-ended relationship with Goody Grace, swooped right in to shut down the comment. Kate said she wasn't sure who the comment was "directed at," saying "critique me all you want, but that's a weird mindset if you really are trying to be constructive."

Bikini action of late has, however, proven mostly popular, with the actress walking her cats on leashes while bikini-clad going down a treat. Scroll for that.

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