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Chanel West Coast blonde and looking sideways

Chanel West Coast No Angel In Stripper Boots, See-Through Dress

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast in a totally transparent dress with fishnets and boss boots is getting a #Heavenscalling, but the 32-year-old was no angel last night as she delivered a prayer pose position while atop a hill in L.A. Chanel is going full-throttle as she continues to promote tracks from her October-dropped "America's Sweetheart" album, with Wednesday night bringing the MTV face is a fun, sexy, and pretty cheeky look given the otherwise-angelic vibes. If you aren't familiar with "Heaven's Calling," check it out below.

Upgraded 'Heaven's Calling' Bikini

Chanel West Coast in a bikini and angel wings

Scroll for the latest photo. The above one, shared with Chanel's 3.5 million Instagram followers last month, likewise came as promo for "Heaven's Calling," one of 19 tracks on independently-released "America's Sweetheart."

Yesterday's photo showed Chanel playing angel as she balanced some seriously sky-high black leather platform boots while swinging a hip on uneven ground and backed by city horizons. The "Ridiculousness" star's sheer dress was clingy, it was flashing black undies, and it 100% nailed flattering West Coast's killer body.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Chanel West Coast indoors in a swimsuit and heels

Chanel, also sporting statement shades and her brown, waist-length hair cascading down her back, went prayer-like with her hands – the video for "Heaven's Calling," meanwhile, sees the former "Fantasy Factory" face in sheer undies and a trench coat while shot inside a church.

"BTS shot from #HeavensCalling music video," Chanel captioned her photo, then driving fans to her "link in bio."

Called "easily the hottest celeb" by one fan, Chanel raked herself in quite the array of compliments. See more photos after the prayer shot.

Social Distancing Joke

Chanel West Coast crouches in boots

Chanel, whose early pandemic "Corona Rap" went viral, has cleverly weaved aspects of the global pandemic into her new album. "No Plans" is a track that speaks for itself, with "Heaven's Calling" bringing an epic line as Chanel raps:

"Get on a mission, where's your faith? It's gone missing. You lack vision, that's why I'm socially distant."

The single also sees Chanel rapping that she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth: "I wasn't born rich, I really had to go and get it."

Proud Of Independent Album

Chanel West Coast in a selfie

Chanel, who recently thanked "Ridiculousness" co-star Rob Dydrek for giving a "b-tch" a job and likewise extended gratitude to rapper Lil Wayne for signing her back in 2012, is super-proud of "America's Sweetheart," which isn't tied to a label. Two days ago, Chanel celebrated 1 million all-time streams for the record, writing:

"Today I’m definitely on a HIGH! All INDEPENDENT baby! NO LABEL! Just a lot of passion, & perseverance! Go stream it now Sweethearts❤️🤍Link in bio! #AmericasSweetheart."

Scroll for the sheer church undies Chanel actually had to censor.

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