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Alexandra Daddario close up

Alexandra Daddario Makes Bond Girl Ocean Exit In Nip-Show Bikini

By Rebecca Cukier

Alexandra Daddario soaking wet, flaunting a thigh gap, and wading out of Hawaii ocean waters likely proved just the ticket for fans this week. The "Baywatch" actress is currently out on the islands to shoot new movie "The White Lotus," with the paparazzi seemingly chasing the 34-year-old actress' every outing. Tuesday brought the blue-eyed beauty enjoying the turf and snorkeling, with the cameras catching one heck of a 007 James Bond ocean exit as Alexandra rocked a teeny-tiny bikini. Check it out below.

'Baywatch' Or James Bond?

Alexandra Daddario in a hot tub in a swimsuit

Scroll for the photos. Alexandra, who has been marking her presence in Hawaii on her Instagram, was photographed looking fierce as her porcelain-skinned frame was outfitted in a sporty, super-tiny, and black bikini with a cheeky thong finish and clingy fabrics showing a fair amount of chest. The star, makeup-free and holding her snorkeling equipment, was photographed ankle-deep in waters, also just on shores as she carried goggles in one hand.

Clearly, filming the miniseries has its perks, with Daddario snapped frolicking shores under a week ago.

Fans 'Jealous' Of Body

Alexandra Daddario in a bikini with a friend

Click here for the photos – scroll for more, including the yoga moves. Over on The Daily Mail, where handy green arrows upvote comments and red ones generate a downvote, fans have been replying.

Topping comments with over 1,000 upvotes is a comment saying natural is best. "She has an amazing body. I'm very jealous. I don't believe she has implants. On true detective they looked real af," the user wrote, adding: "As a woman, I see all these stick figures or fake boobs and butts and on and on and I never feel jealous. But hers...."

More photos below"

Nobody Thinks She Looks 34

Alexandra Daddario close up indoors

Alexandra, who currently fronts skincare brand Clinique with her Instagram followers already remarking that she doesn't need cosmetics, also garnered remarks on being 34 and not looking it.

"She is absolutely gorgeous! Does not look 34 could pass for 24 you can tell by the comments people prefer natural not all Botox an filler. And what a shock she looks younger with out all that," one fan wrote.

Alexandra has been busy. "The White Lotus" comes amid 202-released "Lost Girls & Love Hotels," plus pandemic-set thriller "Songbird."

Shooting Pandemic Movie During Pandemic

Alexandra Daddario outdoors with lemons

Alexandra, frequently masked on Instagram where 18.2 million fans subscribe to updates, has been opening up on "Songbird," a futuristic movie set in a pandemic and one that the "True Detective" actress filmed during an actual pandemic.

"It was very surreal," she told People. "I think all of us can say that this period of time is so surreal anyway and then going into a workplace that is just now so different, where you have a line of people getting tests — it definitely feels really surreal."

Scroll for the pajama yoga.

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