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Megan Fox's BF Machine Gun Kelly Seeking Treatment For Drug Abuse

By Whitney Vasquez

Machine Gun Kelly revealed he's seeking treatment for drug abuse and is crediting his girlfriend Megan Fox for helping him take action. The 30-year-old "Bloody Valentine" actor opened up about his struggle during a sitdown with "Now You See Me" actor Dave Franco for Interview.

Explaining that he reportedly started going to therapy to help him with his issue, Machine Gun Kelly didn't hold back when it came to discussing his struggle or his affection for his girlfriend of several months.

'Adderall Was A Huge Thing'

Shirtless with Megan

"Currently, my drug of choice is happiness and commitment to the art, rather than commitment to a vice that I believed made the art,” the rapper explained in the detailed interview published on Friday, November 27. When asked by Dave Franco if he felt comfortable elaborating on his drug use, Machine Gun Kelly put his issues on the table and most notably, mentioned his struggle with Adderall.

"Adderall was a huge thing for me for a long time. And I went from orally taking it to then snorting it," he revealed.

Realizing His 'Problem'

Megan and MGK

"I wouldn’t even step out unless there was a medicine man who was going to visit me and give me what I needed. And that’s where it becomes a problem. You’re telling yourself you can’t do this without that, when really it’s in you the whole time," Machine Gun Kelly added.

"If that pill did that for you, then everyone who’s taken that would just be making albums and writing songs. And so that limited me," the "Drunk Face" rapper continued.

Megan Has Been By His Side:

Megan taking a selfie

Revealing it's "early" in his process, Machine Gun Kelly said, “I’m taking steps. I had my first therapy session last Thursday. That’s the first time I ever went, ‘Hey, I need to separate these two people,’ which is Machine Gun Kelly and Colson Baker. The dichotomy is too intense for me.”

It's not an overnight process, something that he's quickly learning. “I’m still kind of ripping my hair out. Why am I not changing overnight? How am I supposed to meditate for 10 minutes when I can’t even sit in my own brain for two minutes without distracting myself by doing something?" he added.

Together Since May:

Megan and MGK

Machine Gun Kelly even mentioned his girlfriend Megan Fox, giving her kudos for sticking by his side. " “When you have a partner, mine being Megan, sitting there with you on those dark nights when you’re sweating and not being able to figure out why you’re so in your head, to help you get out of your head and put it in perspective, that really, really helps,” he told Dave Franco.

Machine Gun Kelly also revealed Travis Barker has “been huge in the process of grounding” him.

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