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'The Undoing' Star Nicole Kidman's Fresh Face, Plastic Surgeons Weigh In

By Ryan Naumann

Nicole Kidman shocked everyone in the finale of HBO's "The Undoing" but her face also had people talking.

The 53-year-old actress' refreshed, tight skin had everyone wondering if she's had a little work done in the past couple of years. Nicole's face has literally not added a single wrinkle since 2002.

The Blast spoke to the renowned plastic surgeon team Dr. Frank Agullo aka Dr. Worldwide and Pam Agullo, MD to see what they think Nicole may have done to achieve her incredibly relaxed look.



Dr. Agullo spoke to us about what treatments Nicole may have done to look so youthful and how people can get the same look.

He tells The Blast, "It seems like Nicole has recently had several treatments and procedures to her face and neck. She looks rejuvenated, possibly from fat injections to the face, to replenish the volume loss that happens as we age. This, along with a possible face and neck lift to address sagging skin, along with injections to under eyes."



Pam Agullo, MD tells us, "Nicole is looking radiant and happy these days, probably from getting full face neurotoxin, which addresses wrinkles. It also seems that she has had volume replenished all over her face, either with fat injections or fillers. Her jawline looks more contoured as her lips look like they have been plumped to a beautiful natural shape. I feel like she had something done to her chin, her skin looks radiant and glowing as always, you can tell she takes good care if it."


One viewer shared his opinion writing, "I've tried to get into The Undoing but all I do is spend my time mad that Nicole Kidman's face is so botoxed and filltered that it barely moves, while Hugh Grant's face is wrinkled normally and no one thinks anything of it. Can we please normalize aging for women already."

"I know he’s 7 years her senior but the contrast between Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman’s face in The Undoing really highlights the pressures put on women not to age, doesn’t it?" said another.


One fan was upset writing, "I hate to write this, because it is unusual for me, but is anyone else super distracted by Nicole Kidman's face in #TheUndoing ?? She is such a natural beauty - absolutely gorgeous! The fillers don't agree with her at all."

"nicole kidman turned 40 & said “this face ain’t ever moving again," joked one person who admired the actress's tight face.

"I haven't yet watched The Undoing, is it a show about why Hugh Grant looks like a walnut while his chronologically identical wife has the skin of a baby peach? If so I might watch," commented one person on social media.

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