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Lola Consuelos in green top

Kelly Ripa's Teenage Daughter Flaunts Perfect Biscuits for Brunch

Kelly Ripa / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kelly Ripa may be upset if she starts scrolling through her daughter's Instagram account and realizes she didn't get an invite to Sunday brunch. Lola Consuelos, the 19-year-old daughter of Ripa and "Riverdale" husband Mark Consuelos, reappeared back on social media during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to make everyone jealous of the amazing spread she was about to devour. A little something sweet is probably just what the doctor ordered, as the Ripa family was a little sad over the Thanksgiving holiday when they celebrated separated from a key member of the family.

Buttery Biscuits

Closeup of Biscuits and jelly
Lola Conseulos / Instagram

Lola Consuelos needed no caption when she shared her delicious Sunday snack on Instagram, featuring a golden pair of biscuits glistening with butter and sitting alongside two white ramekins; one that appeared to be filled with freshly-whipped butter, and the other a beautiful dark red colored jelly that most resembled the characteristics of strawberry.

The snack was served on a plain wooden board, charcuterie style, and unfortunately, Lola didn't offer up any explanation as to where she scored the delectable treats.

All About The Biscuits

Screenshot of LIVE With Kelly and Ryan
LIVE With Kelly and Ryan

It's the second time in a matter of days that Lola Consuelos has been bonkers for biscuits during Thanksgiving, as the entire Consuelos clan called in to "Live With Kelly and Ryan" last week to help their mom, Kelly Ripa, prepare their famous family cheese biscuits.

Lola appeared alongside her brothers, Michael Consuelos, 23, and their youngest Joaquin Consuelos, 17, as well as Mark who was patched in from Toronto.

Wearing matching aprons, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa discussed the family tradition, as well as embarrassing Lola with some sexy talk about the parents.

Would it be Thanksgiving without a cringeworthy moment?

Missing Dad

Mark Consuelos FaceTiming with family for Thanksgiving
Kelly Ripa / Instagram

The sweet treat definitely brightened up the dreary weekend after celebrating Thanksgiving without her dad, Mark Consuelos, as he continues filming the upcoming season of "Riverdale" in Toronto. Kelly Ripa posted about the unconventional thanksgiving for the family, but was grateful they were still able to connect over Facetime to share a few special moments.

"[Thanksgiving] is not like last year, but we’re still grateful that our parents are getting the hang of FaceTime. Sort of," Ripa wrote while showing some screenshots from the call.

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