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Dog The Bounty Hunter Victim Of Black Friday Scammers Asking For Gift Cards From Fans

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter is the victim of an online scam where criminals are posing as him online and soliciting gift cards and money from his fans.

The scammer forgot one really important thing -- Duane Chapman is a law enforcement specialist and he isn't just going to let this one slide! Time to strap up and take out the bad guys!

Dog's team issued a statement on the situation warning his millions of fans not to get taken for a ride by these guys and make sure they don't follow fake accounts requesting them on Instagram.

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Dog Chapman Claims Scammer Are Impersonating Him Online


Dog's team posted a photo of one of the fake accounts that is following people and asked that fans be vigilant of it.


It continued, "Fake alert. Again, please be aware of fake accounts. Dog ONLY uses the verified account @duanedogchapman -- We have no private or public outreach accounts, no private accounts at all."

In the message, Dog's team says "The fakes are scammers asking for fees or gift cards We NEVER ask." The gift card scam is very popular around Black Friday because they are almost untraceable if you load them and send them to an anonymous person online.

Dog Is Asking For Help!

Scam Artists Allegedly Asking For Gift Cards From Dog The Bounty Hunter Fans!


The 'DTBH' squad is asking that fans not send him the information but, go ahead and report the fake accounts to Instagram and block them.

This is not the first time Dog has had to deal with scammers posing as him to rake in cash. Back in April, criminals tried to pull off a similar scam -- and again, his team had to issue a warning to his fans.

"We have become aware that there are multiple fake Dog The Bounty Hunter accounts on several social media platforms. These accounts will ask for money and gift cards. Please block and report them," they said at the time.

Adding, "The only place you may receive a message from Dog is on his Verified Account. Dog does not message fans for money or any other type of donation."

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Duane Chapman Celebrates First Thanksgiving With Fiancee Francie Frane


Dog's fans came out in force and are posting their experiences with each other and helping to block the scammers. "There are so many I have hundreds of them blocked including hundreds of other private fake Instagram accounts by a stalker who has been stalking me on here for two years it's insane," one person wrote.

Another added, "This one has tried to add me about 3 or 4 times now, and I just keep deleting it, these imposters are a pain in the ass 😂😂."

On the bright side, Dog just celebrated his first Thanksgiving with fiancee Francie Frane - and it appears the couple is getting closer than ever! "Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours !!" she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of the couple.

Now, time to take down the scammers!

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