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Mackenzie McKee selfie

'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee's Turkey Twerk Goes Viral

Mackenzie McKee / Instagram
By Gary Trock

"Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie McKee is getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving by throwing a Turkey atop her head and shaking her tail feathers in a TikTok video that is quickly racking up views. The 26-year-old MTV reality star shared her zany dance on Thursday afternoon on the popular dance and music sharing platform and quickly earned thousands of views and likes for paying tribute to one of the greatest Thanksgiving songs ever created.

Scroll down for the song reveal!

Gobble Gobble!

woman with turkey on head dancing
Mackenzie McKee / TikTok

While wearing a stuffed turkey on her head, Mackenzie McKee broke it down to the Thanksgiving song made famous by legendary gospel singer, Dr. Shirley Caesar-Williams. The "You Name It" song features Shirley running through her long list of dishes, including "beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes."

Mackenzie McKee gyrated and twerked to the famous Thanksgiving rap and her over 300,000 followers went clucking wild.

"thankful for so much," McKee captioned the video, which had already been viewed almost 18,000 times in a matter of hours.

Mask Drama

Group of people out to dinner
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

The thankful and grateful dance comes on the heels of Mackenzie McKee getting into some drama after fans slammed the MTV reality star for going out on a maskless date night with her husband and friends.

Earlier this month, the "Teen Mom OG" star shared a smiling photo from her night out with friends, in Miami, Oklahoma, along with husband Josh McKee.

"Fun with friends," the MTV reality star wrote on Instagram.

McKee looked fabulous in denim jeans and a sleeveless top alongside her hubby who sported a casual look with an open buttoned-down shirt and a baseball cap.

Ignoring the Haters

Mackenzie McKee selfie
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

Fans were quick to point out that nobody on the date night were wearing protective facemasks and a heated debate was sparked.

"Masks??" many fans demanded on Mackenzie McKee's post, while others suggested, "wear a mask ....come on."

Fans of McKee were quick to defend the reality star by replying in the comments on her IG post.

" If she doesn’t wanna wear a mask (especially in a photo) AWESOME, her choice. Maybe tomorrow she wants to wear 3 mask, a face shield, gloves & a nose plug. WHY DOES IT MATTER?! worry about yourself," one person replied.

McKee stayed out of the fight, but clearly people were divided on the issue.

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