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Carmen Electra staring at camera

Carmen Electra Barely Contained In Fierce Plunging Corset

Carmen Electra / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Carmen Electra is giving her millions of fans something to truly be thankful for just before the big holiday and taking to Instagram for a racy post that is sure to wake up any tryptophan-laced food coma. The 48-year-old former "Baywatch" star hit up social media for her latest snap, which is showing so much skin that it's a marvel Instagram's strict algorithm censors allowed it to go live without getting the red flag. It's the little things that matter during the holidays.

Hot Stuff

Carmen Electra / Instagram

Carmen Electra's latest photoshoot is the definition of fierce, as the actress and model wrote out a long "MEOWwww" in the captions of her post. Wearing a cleavage-baring corset that barely covered her famous curves, Electra was truly a sight to behold.

Holding her long flowing blonde hair back, the former "Baywatch" actress showed off a tight leather choker cinched around her neck while giving off a seductive looking facial expression.

It turns out Electra wasn't just being sexy for the sake of it, as she had a good reason for showing so much skin.

GOGO Skincare

Screenshots of Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra / Instagram

Carmen Electra is busy promoting her new skincare line, GOGO, and dropped her recent photo while showing off the radiating glow from her beautiful skin. The star just recently celebrated the official launch of her skincare system, which is comprised of three different treatments.

Electra's GOGO skincare box retails on her site for a one-time purchase of $149.95 and comes with bottles marked glow, nourish and awaken.

Electra also touts that her new skincare line is vegan, cruelty-free and also gluten-free.

The Skincare Secret

Carmen Electra in a black sweater
Carmen Electra / Instagram

Carmen Electra explains her 3-part process on the GOGO website, which she says to have refined from years of practice and use.

"My potent Hyaluronic acid serum penetrates deep into the skin, intensely moisturizing, boosting firmness and preventing the formation of future fine lines and wrinkles."

"AWAKEN" is a "custom formulated antioxidant-rich vitamin C eye serum," and "NOURISH" is a daily moisturizer that Electra says, "deeply hydrates while helping to reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity and activate collagen production with natural, botanically sourced Hexapeptides."

Back to the Beach

Carmen Electra in red suit
Carmen Electra / Instagram

Carmen Electra's skincare line will be betting a good promo as the star has been participating in the upcoming "Baywatch" documentary, titled, "Baywatch: The American Dream." Electra, who played Lani McKenzie on the long-running TV series, recently showed off productions crews inside her home while she dished about her time on the show alongside David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

"Brought @baywatchdocumentary into my home for a little chat," the actress and model wrote on Instagram while showing off the views of the crew.

She also showed off a cherry-red business suit, which was obviously a direct nod to the red swimsuits the lifeguards on "Baywatch" made famous.

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