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Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Shut Down In $100k Divorce Demand

By Ryan Naumann

Dr. Dre's estranged wife Nicole Young was shut down in court in her attempt to have the music mogul sanctioned.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied the request brought by Nicole. She accused Dre of playing dirty legal games and said he refused to turn over documents. The order read, " The Court further finds the imposition of sanctions, at this stage, and given the events here, is deemed unwarranted."

In her motion, Nicole claimed Dre was refusing to sit for an in-person deposition, where she would be able to grill him under oath about issues in the divorce including his finances and alleged mistresses. The two have now reached a deal where Dre will appear for a deposition.


In her motion, Nicole took issue with Dre's refusal to hand over a ton of key documents. Nicole said Dre had blocked her attempts to obtain his "tax returns, financial statements, and bank records. Andre (Dre) has also utilized a strategy of advancing baseless, boilerplate objections" to stop her.

Nicole said Dre was blocking her from receiving information from his business managers and American Express. She said his goal is to starve her out financially and drag out the case as long as possible.

A judge ordered Nicole can obtain some of the documents but denied her other requests.


Earlier this year, Nicole filed a petition for divorce from Dre (real name: Andre Young) following 24-years of marriage. The case was brought in the Los Angeles Superior Court. In the petition, Nicole said they did not have a valid prenuptial agreement. She said they signed an agreement but Dre tore up the deal years into their marriage.

Dre responded to the divorce denying they did not have a prenup. He said they signed it before the marriage and he never ripped it up. Dre is asking for the agreement to be enforced as part of their divorce.


The case has gotten extremely nasty with accusations of cheating and stealing money. It all started when Nicole asked for temporary support in the amount of $2 million a month. She believes Dre should be covering her monthly expenses until the outcome of the case and a final determination on support is reached.

The monthly expenses include $10k for laundry and cleaning, $135k for clothes, $60k on tuition and living expenses, $900k for entertainment, $125k for charitable contributions, and $100k for a mortgage.


Dre has scoffed at the idea of paying Nicole $2 million a month in support. He says he is already covering a majority of Nicole's expenses.

The music mogul is also fighting Nicole's claim she co-owns the rights to the trademarks for his stage name and his iconic album "The Chronic."

Dre says he was using his famous name and released his album long before Nicole entered the picture. A judge has yet to rule on Nicole's lawsuit over the marks.

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