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Britney Spears Former Business Partner Trashes Her Dad Jamie, Backs Singer

By Ryan Naumann

Britney Spears’ former restaurant partner is speaking out against the singer’s father Jamie Spears' “erratic behavior” amid the conservatorship war.

Page Six spoke to celebrity restaurateur Bobby Ochs who worked with Britney and her father in 2002. Britney opened a restaurant named Nyla at the Dylan Hotel in New York. The restaurant was only open for one year but Bobby claims to have experienced enough of Jamie in the short time span.

The comments come as Britney is attempting to remove her father as co-conservator of her estate. She is refusing to work until he is completely axed.


He said, “I had a similar problem with Jamie. He didn’t have any say in the business, but a few days prior to the grand opening, out of the blue, he came storming into my office at 9 a.m. with an unknown young man and woman.”

Bobby added, “He appeared to be either hungover or high, because he was literally bouncing off the walls. In front of my managers and chefs, he announced that the young man and woman he was with would be hired as managers for Britney’s restaurant."


Bobby continued, "He was so out of it and screaming, ‘Nobody is going to ruin my little girl’s place!’ He wanted the chefs replaced and a completely new menu.”.

He said, “It turns out Jamie had met the couple he wanted to run Britney’s restaurant the night before in a random New York bar he had been drinking in. I explained to him I was the operating partner, and this could not happen. He was clearly unhinged, screaming and hollering — he was in my face and I was expecting any minute he was going to get physical.”


Bobby said he calmed down Britney’s father. He said “I called Britney’s mom, Lynne, and she was not surprised. Her reaction was, ‘Oh no, not again,’ like Jamie had to be kept in check and tolerated.”

He claims Jamie apologized to him but “It’s no surprise to me Britney doesn’t want him running her life. I can’t imagine him running anything.” Britney's father did not respond to Page Six's request for comment about the alleged incident with Bobby back in 2002.


As The Blast previously reported, Britney was temporarily shut down in her plea for Jamie to be removed. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied a motion brought by the singer. However, the judge said they would consider the motion in the near future. Britney says she fears her father and will stay in retirement until he’s gone. Britney says she no longer speaks to her father thing have gotten so bad.

Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, told the court she agreed with her daughter's request to ax Jamie.

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