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Kate Beckinsale poses smiling close up

Kate Beckinsale Spreads Legs With A Cat Down Her Pants

Jen Lowery / MEGA
By Rebecca Cukier

It's exactly what you just read. Kate Beckinsale has been lying back with her legs open and a very adorable kitty down her pants. The 47-year-old actress kept up her signature humorous streak for a joint Instagram update with cat Clive this week, with Kate's November 23 update seeing the 10-pound feline seemingly very happy between the "Underworld" star's legs. Kate, followed by 4.5 million on her Instagram, spoke of a line being "crossed," but for fans, it was the perfect video. Check it out below.

10-Pound Kitty Down Her Pants


Scroll for the video. If you don't live inside Kate's Instagram, the Brit is a regular with both cats Clive and Willow, this year making headlines for walking them on leashes while poolside and in a bikini.

No bikinis for this post, but still plenty to look at. The "Pearl Harbor" actress was home, in her living room, and lying on her back in all-white sweats. Both legs were open as Kate mumbled to her cat, with the fluffy friend down the actress' pants.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Kate Beckinsale poses in tight pants

Kate, who shouted: "Tail! Tail!" while trying to get herself sitting up, also spoke to her pet. She said she felt like "we've been hanging out too much and maybe we've crossed a line it's going to be difficult getting back from." She then asked Clive: "Do you?"

This cat doesn't answer, but he does entertain. Kate then took to her caption, writing: "Even though a ten pound cat down the trousers SOUNDS like a good idea, apparently it’s overrated."

See Kate walking her cats in a bikini after the video!

Fans React

Kate Beckinsale poses with reindeer ears

Kate, for whom positive feedback isn't a guarantee, with her now-ended relationship with 23-year-old musician Goody Grace bringing plenty of slamming, found herself to be Little Miss Popular with this video.

"I would NOT be using Google Hangouts. Too many separate individuals using one ☝️ users account," the top reply read.

"For you, I would make a great cat!! Better than George Galloway lol 😁," another fan added.

"The pup in the back like, “just another day in the Beckinsale household" came from a fan spotting dog Myf also in the video.

Her Explicit Mugs

Kate Beckinsale poses in a tee indoors

Kate, who loves an adult reference and last year told 50-year-old talk show host Kelly Ripa that the "Live!" faucets are "phallic," has been upping the adult jokes on her IG. A recent post showed a mug decorated with "Bell End" on it. The British reference to a male member also got a caption.

"Oddly, not in the least inspired by some of the comments from yesterday’s post but apropos nonetheless, I recently commissioned some rude cups from genius Katie at @outlandish_creations for my dear friends’ birthdays. Beat the Christmas rush to c-ckwomble,bellend and a-seface. Looks like we may need them ❤️," Kate wrote.

Check out the cats, leashes, and bikini below.

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