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Dr. Dre's Estranged Wife Nicole Young Accuses Him Of Trying To 'Starve Her Out'

By Ryan Naumann

Dr. Dre's estranged wife Nicole Young says the music mogul is trying to leave her with nothing in their nasty divorce battle

According to court documents obtained by Daily Mail, Nicole claims Dre is trying to "starve her out" in the case by dragging it out. She believes he is trying to make sure she leaves the marriage with as little as possible.

Her motion read, "He is attempting to "starve her out" while also attempting to walk away from the divorce with the parties' entire marital estate, leaving her with close to nothing."


In the motion, Nicole is asking the court to order Dre to hand over a ton of financial documents. Dre is reportedly refusing to hand over the documents. He claims they signed a prenuptial agreement that states she doesn't get any of his businesses.

He says the agreement was signed in 1996 before their marriage. Nicole's motion reads, "Nicole's need for documents from the parties' long-standing accountants and managers in great. Among other issues, she needs these documents in connection with the issue of spousal support. Nicole was not employed during the parties' 24-year marriage. Instead, she stayed home to raise their children.

She added, "Meanwhile, during the marriage, the parties amassed an estate worth close to $1 billion dollars. Nevertheless, at this time, Andre is refusing to pay spousal support to Nicole or to pay her attorney's fees."


Earlier this year, Nicole filed a petition for divorce from Dre after 24-years of marriage. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Nicole said the two did not have a prenuptial agreement and believed she deserved an equitable division of their assets.

Nicole asked the court to award her $2 million a month in temporary support. She believes Dre should cover her monthly expenses until the outcome of the divorce.

The monthly expenses include $10k for laundry and cleaning, $135k for clothes, $60k on tuition and living expenses, $900k for entertainment, $125k for charitable contributions, and $100k for a mortgage.


Dre responded to the divorce weeks later and denied they didn't have a prenup. The music mogul says they signed an agreement before they were married. He is demanding the court enforce the terms of the deal in the divorce.

He claims to already be paying a bunch of Nicole's monthly bills and doesn't believe she needs $2 million a month.

The divorce continues to get nastier by the day. Nicole recently fired off three subpoenas to women she believes had an affair with Dre during their marriage.


After filing for divorce, Nicole filed a separate lawsuit against Dre claiming co-ownership in the trademarks of his famous name and his iconic album "The Chronic." She believes she is entitled to the profits earned from the marks. Nicole argues the rights are community property and should be divided in the divorce.

Dre recently fired back denying Nicole owns his name or trademarks. The mogul says his album and stage name predate Nicole by many years. A judge has yet to rule on the matter.

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