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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This Cheek Cyst Explode Looks Like A Huge 'Tooth!'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper just had to double as a dentist after this patient's face cyst came pouring out looking like a giant tooth!

"Popaholics to aisle 6, Popaholics to aisle 6... we’ve got a cystuation!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the latest mind-blowing pop video -- and she isn't kidding this thing is awesome!

In the clip, the good doctor used the good ol' slice and dice method to open up this guy's cheek -- and you know exactly what happens next!

Check This Out!

You Gotta See This!


At first, it appears like this monster is going to explode all over the room, but as she keeps squeezing you realize this thing is as hard as a rock!

"It came out looking like a tooth, brilliant pop," one fan wrote after seeing it creep out of this cheek! "No food comparisons for this one? that's my favorite part😂," another added.

So, the popaholics deliver and made the comparison to popping popcorn which is awesome! "It was like popcorn popping at first :) Looks like a popcorn kernel," a fan wrote.

Take A Look!

Here It Comes!!


"When it first came out it looked like a flower to me 🤔 I'm going crazy 😅," a fan of the show pointed out.

It's unclear what made this cyst get so hard, and come out looking like a tooth -- but, we have to agree with most people on this and say if it were can you let it go that long! We would be squeezing this thing every day!

Dr. Pimple Popper made huge headlines this week after she focused on a pilar cyst that was trapped under the skin -- and she did what she does best and allowed it to squirt all over the room!

Here You Go!

Looks Like A Big Tooth....And A Little Face?!


Now, if you are ready for a crazy reaction to this pop, take a look at what this fan says: "Looked like a baby face when it came out!"

If you look really closely, this rock hard cyst kind of looks like a little face when you squint your eyes. We will wait while you go ahead and do it. Once you see this, it is hard not to only see this!

Ok, now that you have heard that, check out the video and watch this thing get worked out by Dr. Pimple Popper!

Here Comes The Little Face!

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