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Nikki Bella with Artem wearing hat

Nikki Bella Posts Smoking Hot Photos Of Her Husband For Votes On DWTS!

Instagram @Nikki Bella
By Jacob Highley

Nikki Bella, simply put, is a phenomenal social media influencer and mother. At 37-years-old the former Pro wrestler turned TV personality has not only achieved a respectable following of 9.6 million followers on Instagram alone, but now has a name that is essentially synonymous with love-life tabloids and celebrity drama.

Her notoriety on the web stems from her breakup with wrestling legend John Cena, and her popularity online has been gained largely because of her pregnancy alongside her sister Brie.

What made the pregnancies (and deliveries) truly fantastical however, was that they got pregnant and delivered within a day of each other!

Cover Girls

Nikki Bella with sister Brie and Artem
Instagram @Nikki Bella

She and Brie both claim that they had no intention of getting pregnant at the same time, yet they would share the resulting fame together on the cover of People Magazine and other publications.

The hype surrounding her first child (Brie’s second child) was immense and it shows! Her latest post which was a direct call for her viewers to vote for her romantic partner (and baby daddy) Artem Chigvintsev on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. 

As a professional dancer working alongside his dance partner Kaitlyn Bistowe, the two have demonstrated some incredible talent and creative vision. 

Steamy Pics

Nikki Bella with cap
Instagram @Nikki Bella

Here are just some of the comments that the fans have left on the now viral post containing several fantastic pictures. (And some steamy ones too if you count Artem, tan, ripped, and shirtless)

“He deserves this win especially since they had just let him go like nothing, it would be a nice slap in the face to them DWTS exec's Go Artem & Kaitlyn💃💃💃” (Commentator)

“The Pros are the STARS⭐️” (Commentator)

“I love Artem He's a great teacher I missed him so much last season I love watching ur guys show cuz I get to see Artem” (Commentator)

The Votes

Nikki Bella on couch
Instagram @Nikki Bella

Nikki posted high praise for her lover on Instagram sharing how she believes Artem should get as many votes as possible considering how dedicated he has been.

“I know the focus is always on the stars but I have always looked at the Pros as stars too. To be a pro dancer on this show you have to be the best in the world. What the pros put into every season is incredible. Day in and day out they are thinking of how to make their star better, the dance better, take the critique from the judges and apply, they truly are the creative brains behind this competition show. And my sweet Artem is just brilliant...”

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Giphy | E!

UPDATE: Nikki shared that Artme and Kaitlyn just won on the show after so many fans supported them by voting on the show!

“Yay!!! @theartemc & @kaitlynbristowe !!!! Wow what an amazing season!! And way to conquer a dream!! Both of you! Love you girly! And Artem love you so much! Beyond proud of you! I know what this truly means to you! And my heart couldn’t be happier for you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” 

A big win for an incredible dance duo and a big win for this loving family. 

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