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Gymnast Simone Biles Calls NFL BF Over To Help Save Her Christmas Tree

By Jeff Mazzeo

Simone Biles doesn't need a man around the house... except when it comes to setting up her Christmas tree!

The Olympic hero showed off her pathetic progress on Tuesday. She shared a snap to her Instagram story that featured only the bottom part of her fake tree. Biles admitted that she has never been that good at putting furniture and decorations together and called out to her Houston Texans player boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, to lend her a helping hand. Good luck putting the star on the top of the tall tree!

If A Tree Falls...


Simone is literally the best gymnast in the world but it is kind of refreshing to find out that there is something that we can do better than the star. For the record, we don't think putting together fake trees will land you on the cover of a Wheaties box.

"anyone else have major trouble reading/following directions?" Simone wrote across her tree progress boomerang. "@jowens_3 pls come home im hella confused."

We would say something about Biles setting up her tree before Thanksgiving but 2020 is already pretty messed up.

Standing By Her Man

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens.

Ownes and Biles are super lovey-dovey on social media but her recent "Man Crush Monday" post pointed out the huge height difference between the two athletes.

"MY MANCRUSH EVERY DAY 🤤," Simone wrote before he quickly replied, "My baby ❤️🤞🏽."

The football stud is only 5'11" (he a safety) but he looked like a giant when standing next to Simone, who is 4'8". The pic proves that great athletes come in all shapes and sizes.

Squad Goals

Simone Biles and the Texans WAGS.

The gymnast and her squad of Texans WAGS rallied to help the NFL team earn a 27-20 victory over the Patriots on Sunday. She posed for a picture with several wives and girlfriends of the players and her fans quickly forgot about football.

"forget our men we’re the real view 💙," the gymnast jokingly captioned her thirst trap.

With all the stadium restrictions, Simone and her crew are some of the only fans that get to attend the games in person. We are jealous... but more jealous of their boyfriends and husbands.

Eating Good

Simone Biles eating a watermellon.

Nobody was more stoked to see that Simone landed a commercial for Uber Eats than her beau but we are a close second. Biles starred in several ads with Jonathan Van Ness and hopefully earned a pretty penny. Remember Olympic athletes don't get paid so a little influencer money certainly helps!

We suggest you check out Simone and JVN's killer routine if you haven't seen it already... and Uber Eats because parts of the country are shutting down again.

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