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Iggy with her long hair

Iggy Azalea Claps Back At Playboi Carti's 'Bit Shut Up' Tweet

By Whitney Vasquez

Iggy Azalea shut down her baby daddy after fans assumed Playboi Carti came for her in a cryptic tweet. After going on a months hiatus, the rapper returned to his Twitter on Monday, November 23 and dropped a series of tweets with one seemingly directed Iggy's way.

Ironically, Playboi Carti is releasing new music so he drummed up some hype. The former duo split last month after two years together. Iggy Azalea gave birth to their son, Onyx Carter, in April.

Playboi Carti's Tweet:

Playboi and Iggy

While Iggy Azalea has addressed their co-parenting in the past, reassuring everyone that Playboi Carti is still apart of their son's life, she wasn't too happy with him just hours ago. Dropping a series of strange tweets, one of Playboi Carti's sent off alarm bells.

Including their son in the conversation, the rapper tweeted out, "i told da bit shut up! My son crying." Iggy Azalea's fans went OFF assuming he was talking about his baby mama.

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Iggy Goes Off:

Iggy in her crop top

"I thought a bitch who lost the baddest bitch said sum," one person responded. "This is definitely the worst tweet ever made," added another. Iggy Azalea didn't need her fans to do her dirty work though. The "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" rapper addressed her baby daddy's tweet publically.

Responding directly to Playboi Carter's "bit shut up" tweet, Iggy Azalea clapped back. "Did you?" she wrote. The Australian-born singer wasn't done there. She continued by going on a tyrant against ex man.

Since-Deleted Tweets:

Happier times

According to several reports, Iggy Azalea tweeted out "what bitch would you need to tell to shut up?" and "certainly none are around my son." She later deleted these alleged tweets. In another deleted tweet, the star reportedly said she was having a "great day" but Playboi Carti's tweet left her "confused as f---."

After hours of going off on social media, Iggy Azalea addressed the "bit shut up" tweet again. She said the two had talked and Playboi Carti said the tweet wasn't about her.

Iggy Slams Haters:

Iggy with pink hair

However, it appears that Iggy Azalea didn't believe her ex. "I just spoke to my sons father and apparently that isn’t meant to be about me. Apparently," she tweeted out. She later addressed her haters who came for her after Playboi Carti's "bit shut up" tweet.

"Y’all wrong as hell for your dumb ass Lil tweets. Why I gotta log on and see my name dragged in dirt over a random cryptic ass tweet, that hasn’t got shit to do with me!" she wrote.

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