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Demi Rose

Demi Rose Shows Off her Long Lashes And Adorable Face In Silky Pink Bathrobe

By Jeff Mazzeo

Taking lashes from Demi Rose isn't as painful as it sounds!

The beautiful model put her long lashes on display on Tuesday. Rose was relaxing in her Ibiza home when she shared a sultry lash selfie in a silky pink bathrobe. She zoomed in on her adorable face and blew the camera a kiss before panning over to her feline friend. The selfie video was part of the star's morning routine but as showing off her fancy decorations, she revealed that she is moving very soon.

Packing Up All Her Trinkets


As we previously mentioned, Demi broke the news to her fans that she is moving out of her house. It's unclear if she will be staying on the island of Ibiza or if she will be taking her talents elsewhere.

True fans know that she loves mystical items like crystals and sound bowls and prominently displays them in her home. While showing off her snake statue, she revealed that she will have to pack things up soon.

"Shelf situation before I move next week," she wrote across the IG story post.

Slow Motion For Me

Demi Rose snorkeling in the Maldives.

She may be back home in Ibiza but she is still thinking about her month-long work trip to the Maldives. She traveled with a crew of about 30 and took hot pics at several resorts to promote the travel business. Demi shot so much content while island hoping that she is still sharing some memorable moments... like her slow-motion snorkeling dive!

"Reminiscing the most magical times. The Maldives ✨," she captioned the snorkeling video.

Funny story: she was recognized by a fan while in the ocean and had trouble treading water while posing for his pic!

Home Is Where The Heart-Shaped Pasties Are

Demi Rose in a see-through bodysuit.

After her long work trip, Rose celebrated being home by doing what she does best... posing for hot photos! She shared some revealing snaps that featured herself in a sheer cross halter top bodysuit by Pretty Little Thing and geotagged the location as Ibiza, Spain.

"Switchin up positions for you 🖤," she captioned the sultry shots.

You know what they say, home is where the heart-shaped pasties are!

As you could have guessed, her followers sounded off in the comments but we will spare you from their nonsensical desires... this time.

Total Fantasy

Demi Rose in a letterman jacket.

Listen, we are never the type to hate on a stunning picture of Demi but her recent letterman jacket pic is a total fantasy. Demi grew up in England and we are pretty darn sure that they don't have letterman jackets there. We do know that the letterman jacket was first invented in 1865 by the Harvard University baseball team.

In the end, it doesn't matter because she most likely got paid the big bucks for modeling the chic jacket by boohooMAN.

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