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Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Inspires Fans To Do The #bodyodychallenge In Fendi Sports Bra

By Jeff Mazzeo

Megan Thee Stallion knows how to make the fans dance!

The "Good News" rapper put her body on display to inspire her massive following to do the same on Tuesday. She wore a Fendi sports bra and matching leggings to demonstrate the new viral dance for her hit song, "Body." It's only appropriate that the choreographed dance involved a lot of twerking, jerking, and shaking. Meg's fans, AKA the hotties, have taken to the sultry dance like a duck to water and she couldn't be happier!

Dance, Dance Revolution

Megan Thee Stallion in a Fendi sports bra.

Meg shared a post where she demonstrated the dance but only the most coordinated people could learn it on the first watch through. All the hotties sounded off in the comments section of her post about how much they loved the dance.

"U be killing that mf 🔥," a complimentary fan wrote.

Some fans expressed their frustration with the dance because the moves are not easy.

"It’s like you made this song/dance just to create a new way to tell me my knees ain’t s--t stomps away 😩😩😩," a frustrated follower commented.

Fans Do The #Bodychallenge


As we previously mentioned, the #bodyodychallenge is not easy but Meg's fans are putting in the work to get it right. Influencer London Santana (pictured above) admitted that it took her several attempts.

"I absolutely love to dance to almost any genre of music too but this lil routine right here took me a lil minute to learn 🙆🏻‍♀️.. but I sorta got it lol 😝," she wrote on social media.

Meg also posted a fan's video that featured a Starbucks barista getting down in the drive-through.

Good News For 'Good News'

Hot Girl Meg

The rapper's new album, "Good News" has been killing it and she showed her gratitude by announcing how wonderful the album and the individual tracks are doing.

"BODY IS NUMBER 1 ALL GENRES 🔥 let’s go hottiesssss #GOODNEWSMEGAN 📰 & if the beat liveeeee you know lil ju made itttt @liljumadedabeat," she declared on Instagram.

The entire album is also tracking really well and debuted at number 1 on Spotify. She seems super happy about the "Good News" but she is still encouraging her fans to stream it more.

"🔥🔥🔥 let’s keep running it up hotties," Meg said.

Talkin' 'WAP'

Meg's rings.

Hot Girl Meg and Cardi B were very grateful to take home a big price over the weekend at the American Music Awards. Cardi couldn't be there to accept the award but Meg graciously hit the stage to receive the honor. She looked great in a neon green PVC dress but her rings did all the talking.

"I can’t believe I be getting away with these F--- YOU rings everywhere 😂 WAP won favorite rap/ hip hop song tonight 😛😛😛 @iamcardib," she wrote on social media after the show.

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